Are you guys able to view the GIF without clicking on it?

Hi @Tusky
While the web version (and some iOS versions) has the ability to autoplay GIFs without having to click on them, this feature doesn't seem to be available on Tusky app. Request to introduce the same.

@ikaveri @Deepsealioness I'm using Tusky and the GIF options come up on the keyboard. But it's now viewable unless you click on it and then it plays like a video. This is apparently the case with both Tusky and web. However some iOS users are able to see the GIF properly.

@Psyborg @ikaveri @Deepsealioness Yes, just found it. But it's only on web. Tusky isn't supporting it?

@dearthofsid @ikaveri @Deepsealioness
Nah .. doesn't look like it. Chrome lets you add the app to the home screen. That seems to ease the need for Tusky. But the Tusky feel seems more crisp, obviously.

@dearthofsid @ikaveri @Deepsealioness no such luck with my tootle app.. no gif ability. There are some paid apps for iOS that I'll check later.

@KnottedBow you're using web and you can see the GIF without clicking on it?

@KnottedBow well that's confusing. I can't see it with web. How can web experience be different?

@KnottedBow okay so there is a check box in preferences which can autoplay GIFs in web.

@CZubair @dearthofsid @Tusky Thanks. The option to animate gif is there in preferences, disabled by default

@dearthofsid on my tootle app, I switched on auto play. Thanks to this toot 🙂

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