It's a horrible travesty of justice that the courts are discussing a land dispute case instead of trying to ensure that the terrorists are punished. The successful deviation from the real majoritarian violence to the imaginary communal conflict is the biggest fiasco in all of this, and it's not just the right wing that's to be blamed.


The court will rule in the favour of Mandir and the govt will announce the construction within hours. Do we really have to act like we don't know what's going to happen?

Tomorrow once again the famed Indian democracy will fail miserably while a few of us mourn and the rest celebrate.

The blatant lack of any hope for justice in the has more to do with the scores of Hindus who argued for schools and hospitals at the disputed site than the Mandir supporters. It's the appalling collective lack of perspective that has paved way for today.

"a matter of faith for every Indian"

If a bunch of criminals demolishing a place of worship is a matter of your faith, then you must throw that faith in the dustbin.

@dearthofsid Exactly. Like it has always been, just like any other time when people had hope, the SC verdict will be a damp squib.

@dearthofsid so what are you expecting from people or the government?

I think everyone already knows the verdict and acting like they don't know it...
The main problem after verdict is gonna like the majority sangh people are behave as, dekha hamara desh, mandir bn gya na, ab kuch bhi so skta hai...
They're gonna take advantage of this...
They don't a F about the mandir & pooja, they believe in lynching, power, politics, taking down the minority...

@officialjilani @dearthofsid I feel if RSS / BJP /any politician do not make nasty comments, situations will be fine.

@avndp @dearthofsid
Are you sure about that?
I don't think so, because everyone knows what the speeches are gonna be of all bjp and rss members...
They'll like dekha bn gya na mandir....
Bhakto vote do ab,lol...
Young people's can you please give your vote in the name of ram mandir!
Bjp and RSS are the main parties b/w dividing people's over religion...

@avndp @officialjilani @dearthofsid don't be in any illusion about BJP/RSS. They'll use every drop of this judgement to further polarize society...

@mohammadanwar @avndp @dearthofsid
I know about them... Lol
They're the one's who are trying to take country backwards in the name of mandir, masjid, religions, rather than going forward in development...

@dearthofsid Yeah, and yet again we'll be sitting in front of the computer in our comfortable homes looking at news.. Not criticising anyone, that's just how it's gonna be..

@dearthofsid Frankly, faith in Indian police died the day they let this happen. Tomorrow will be the last nail in the judicial coffin. Now that second class citizenry of minority is official, the question is what will they do? Its time to internalize this truth, find like minded coalitions & move forward. The constitution still gives them equal rights even if the country today doesn’t. They have to bend the moral arc of the universe. That’s their dharma.

@dearthofsid everyone just talking about the problems, what are the solutions?

@wierdmind Try to create popular mandate against the problem makers would be the first step

@dearthofsid Don't think so. Ayodhya is the last major issue other than reservation that RSS have in hand to divide People for power & keep destroying India. They won't let it end so easily, probably the kangaroo court will act neutral for now.
Hence the kangaroo chief is directly monitoring security.
Let's stand together for one another.

@unnikts @dearthofsid even if just for this logic they stay neutral I would be more than happy


If barbarian violence and hate against humanity are fundamentals of religion, then that is really a mafia hiding behind a religious label.

@dearthofsid if only Supreme Court of India would rule as a matter of Law instead of faith on a civil matter.

@dearthofsid In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

Frank D. Roosevelt

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