How can someone who claims to "research about issues" and "politically influence" people be this naive and dumb? Blows my mind.

"this day might mark the end of religious bs on TV"

Is he really that dumb or is he acting like he's dumb? I'm really confused.

He may be a good person, but he's pretty dumb. When he is at a position to influence masses, it is imperative that dumbness is called out in strong words.

@dearthofsid I was shocked too. I replied back to him, saying I can only put it down to his naivete, cos any other explanation would show him in terrible light.

@dearthofsid He is really that dumb. I know this sounds offensive, but I am yet to come across a rational Haryanvi individual (except maybe Sanjay Rajoura). They somehow can't seem to shed their toxic nationalism.

@dearthofsid Just going with the popular narrative. More likes and RTs!

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