The Indian media has always been used by the establishment to sell their political narratives. In the age of social media, IT Cells came into existence as a new channel for the same propaganda, but with a few extra dimensions of ugliness. But even without accounting for the IT Cell, the SM narratives usually parrot the TV media. In other words, it was as per a preset agenda that we discussed irrelevant topics like the faith of Nusrat Jahan aka "intolerance of Muslims" on multiple days. (1/n)

While engaging in SM, it is very important to understand that the topics for our discussions are being pre-decided as per the establishment's agenda. If you don't see the arguments in this context, you'll invariably take pro-establishment positions. That's what happened on Twitter in the Nusrat Jahan episodes. (2/n)

A lot of liberals played into the preset agenda and questioned the conservative Muslims, branded them fundamentalists for reacting to the media drama and asserting their religious identity as an obvious act of defence.

It's a brilliant strategy when the establishment is able to set the agenda and use the anti-establishment voices to execute it. It's been happening since a long time now, and these voices have been falling prey to these narratives, without fail. (3/n)

It's upto each one of us to see the larger picture every single time we make our aggressive political commentary on SM. The only way to combat this is to listen to the people who represent the targeted, before taking positions. They see it better than anybody else. Always. (4/4)

@dearthofsid Still to a considerable degree we can identify genuinely suppressed from those who are by default fundamentalists.
But since the politics of the current establishment is against them, we must side with them. When regime will change (and it will change one day), the equations will change or reverse. Many masks and facades would come off then.

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