Most atheists only know about one religion well: the one they disowned. But they tend to make careless assumptions about the rest when they "oppose all religions equally". And since they are quite uninformed about other religions, they easily fall prey to bigoted narratives.

Even the theists who criticise organised religion for its faults often make generic assumptions in their arguments based on their own experience. They fail to acknowledge the diversity in belief systems and sees every faith through the same lens, again aiding bigoted narratives.

I have to admit, it disturbs me how bigoted theists can get.
And how closed they can be when it comes to listening to other people's beliefs & faith & experiences...

@dearthofsid am an atheist, all I see in religions is distractions caused by bitterness,resentment for each other & division which eventually deeds predators who disguise as representatives & exploit each religion. Shouldn't schools,better healthcare & jobs be the priority & enjoying life be the goal....but no, let it be. As an atheist I get enough debates just because people want me to trust a higher-power.

@itsbhavikjoshi As an atheist, that's what you see. Theists see a lot of value in what they are doing. There's no forcing them out of it because the constitution guarantees everyone their right to faith. This has nothing to do with schools or hospitals, really.

@dearthofsid @dearthofsid in India it really does have a lot to do with almost everything ranging from schools to hospitals. Don't care about forcing them out if they can't see the futility of the exercise. It does lower one's ability to accept new things but again no law against it. People kill in the name of religion & at times law goes quiet about that too, so I agree... religions rock.

@itsbhavikjoshi @dearthofsid it could be a cliche response but the biggest war that this world has seen to date wasn’t fought on or for religion .. this biggest destructions that are happening now in the world m Syria and Yemen also not for religion .. yes people do kill for religion but people kill for many other things as well for example for women love .. should be call love bad then ??

@Sabawaheed @itsbhavikjoshi In almost all cases, it is capitalism induced imperialism that kills. Religion has been used as an enabler time and again.

@dearthofsid @Sabawaheed @itsbhavikjoshi Capitalists haven't fought any war on religion? Could you name on?

@CZubair Capitalists fought so many wars in so many countries for its own sustenance not for religion. Religion has been used to enable these wars, the easiest example being the creation of Al Queda in Afghanistan.

@Sabawaheed @itsbhavikjoshi

@dearthofsid @Sabawaheed @itsbhavikjoshi religion has obviously been used as a tool, but, none of those wars were fought for religious reasons.

@Sabawaheed @dearthofsid upto you. I see women,can feel love, oil, ego & many more reasons/excuses of war. I never saw a God so I never get why that brings hate/division but it does especially in less developed nations its influence is downright terrible. If your belief in religion is harmless, then your conscience can be free of guilt but those who use something mythological as an excuse of violence, have no defense.

@Sabawaheed @itsbhavikjoshi @dearthofsid
As an atheist, I second this..
Religion has been used as a tool for capitalism and fuel wars.
The answer to the general question,
"Why muslims are seen as terrorists?" Is because that's where the oil is.
Had it been in India , Indians would have been the targets and islam would have been replaced by Hinduism.

@Sabawaheed @itsbhavikjoshi @dearthofsid all these terrorist perpetrations are for strategic political goals including that of ISIS, just that they use religious narrative or rather a prism as their identity is all, which unfortunately was the most wicked one. I'm of the strongest opinion that it was a CIA ploy, so was AQ was created, nurtured, funded and trained by CIA for their own strategic benefits.

@CZubair It's not just anyone's opinion. We have Hillary Clinton on video admitting all that.

@Sabawaheed @itsbhavikjoshi

@dearthofsid @CZubair @itsbhavikjoshi yes where she in detail admitted how n why n from where mujahidins were created n how wahabi islam was transported to Afghanistan that gave saudi terror the way to whole world ..

@Sabawaheed @itsbhavikjoshi @dearthofsid @CZubair It's not like it's some kind of secret. People were praising the mujahedin and bin Laden back when they had been fighting the people the USA intended.…
@moonman @itsbhavikjoshi @Sabawaheed @dearthofsid @CZubair The point is that the creation of the mujahedin and al Qaida isn't some dark secret you can admit to, it's openly known Cold War fallout.

@Sabawaheed @dearthofsid @itsbhavikjoshi Wahabi Islam wasn't transported to Afghanistan, Taliban existed earlier, CIA funded and nurtured Taliban, used Wahabi extremists funded parallely and joined personally too.

@CZubair @dearthofsid @Sabawaheed @itsbhavikjoshi I'm seeing things about the Mujahideen, but that's all common knowledge. Is she on record saying anything that links our actions to ISIS?

I know there are Israeli officials on record saying that their goals better align with ISIS than with Syria, but I haven't ever heard anything that direct from an American official.

@bulkington @CZubair @dearthofsid @itsbhavikjoshi will send you the link but you should check Links for congressional hearings of Hillary Clinton about American wars

@Sabawaheed @CZubair @dearthofsid @itsbhavikjoshi I've been watching clips this morning and I've yet to hear her say anything about 9/11. It's all about Afghanistan, which is something that nobody doubts and is accepted history. Similarly, that we supported Al-Qaeda offshoots in Syria is something that has been openly discussed. But I haven't heard anything about an open admission of support for ISIS, which would be a pretty big bombshell.

I mean, I certainly think we had a hand in ISIS, but if there's someone of Clinton's tier stating it on camera in an official hearing, I would be quite surprised.

Happy to wrong here if I am though.

@CZubair @Sabawaheed @dearthofsid @itsbhavikjoshi I have, and that's what I'm saying, US military / intelligence to the Islamic radical movement in Afghanistan is very well established, nobody really disputes that. But it does not immediately follow that we did the same thing with ISIS. It's certainly probable that we did, but unless I'm really mistaken, there is nothing official on record, like a congressional testimony, that admits to it.

@CZubair @Sabawaheed @dearthofsid @itsbhavikjoshi and even the Israeli statements that I'm aware of are just statements that lightly acknowledge that their interests are served by ISIS remaining an active force in Syria and Iraq. But again, that Israel prefers chaos in Muslim countries to stable regional powers isn't really secret, it would still be a big jump to see a full on admission of collaboration or aid, though it's reasonable to suspect that there is.

@dearthofsid @CZubair @Sabawaheed @itsbhavikjoshi I think I misparsed a sentence up there yesterday. I was stoned most of the day, t.b.h.

@dearthofsid @bulkington @Sabawaheed @itsbhavikjoshi I have had to delete the tweet itself as I found it easier than defending it against the onslaughts from all directions!! You know how it's when it's from RW trolls! 😀

@bulkington @dearthofsid @Sabawaheed @itsbhavikjoshi USA hasn't said anything about ISIS in terms of CIA ploy or anything, it'll come in the due course. Look at the massive and quick logistics they availed that's absolutely impossible without a major player's support.

@dearthofsid @itsbhavikjoshi Right of faith. Most important is all atheists and theists understand to respect each other's faith and don't try to impose it on others.

@dearthofsid I thought atheism is a stance, a position. It has nothing to do with knowledge of a religion or religions.

@dushyant You're right. Atheists are those who don't buy the idea of God. I'm talking about the faultlines in their politics.

@dearthofsid care to elaborate? This sounds like it would make an interesting and insightful blog post.

Not sure if there's enough content for a blog post here. All I'm saying is that like theists, even atheists know mostly about the religion they're born in and are unaware of the other ones. For theists, the ignorance tends to create a feeling of superiority and this is discussed widely. For atheists, the ignorance plus contempt for all religions tend to create a feeling of bigotry against other religions because they see them through the lens of their ex-religion.

@dearthofsid That makes sense. How does this feeling of bigotry manifest for some atheists in your view?


My strategy as an atheist is essentially to never assume things about religions, including my own and especially the others, and make blanket statements. I make it a point to talk to the practicing folks of the religion to understand about it, before offering any criticism.

@dearthofsid I think I see what you're saying here. As a friend once said, even if you become an atheist or agnostic, if someone were to come up and say the word God to you, you'll picture deities only in the dominant religion you were raised in and left behind. Great insight into how many atheists are bigoted. I've struggled understanding Dawkins or Savarkar for this contradiction.

@dearthofsid in addition, few debate points encompassing only extreme examples of fundamentalist strains in dominant religions made in reply to your thread, I feel do fall prey to what you've outlined. It is absolute surety that can lead to extremism, and atheism isn't immune. People under extreme poverty or structured op often find belief (=/= religion) liberating, and a source of community. Belief can be as basic as imagination/stories. &Atheism also needs some axis of privilege in our world.

@dearthofsid @lowPolyAntithesis Within my group of friends who turned away from their religion together through discussions and debate, there is a tendency to be aware of generalizing about other religions. It always makes sense to criticize specific parts of the religion and that too of ones own religion

@dearthofsid Most Indian atheists I know of oppose Christianity and Islam. For them Hinduism is a way of life and not religion. 😂😂😂

@jimmzmatt Yeah, I've seen some of them too. Not many though.

@jimmzmatt @dearthofsid yes I saw ney a very successful ceo of three companies an atheist who religion is bad only when it’s Islam 😂😂😂

@dearthofsid This, this is why I am here- a sane conversation.

Fantastic discussion on atheism. Thank you🙏🙏 This is the only time I wish Mastodon allowed a thread roll.

Everyone do read these posts by @dearthofsid and the replies to it.

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