In 1498, a man named Vasco da Gama landed here on this beach to become the first European to reach the subcontinent by sea. The rest is history.

(Kappakadavu or Kappad Beach - Kozhikode, Kerala)

@dearthofsid I saw the pics you posted too! I am visiting in Dec, looking forward to it more now.

@dearthofsid First European by sea?! The Romans were here centuries before them, don't they?!

@dearthofsid A lot of atrocities start with Europeans rocking up uninvited in a space occupied by brown people then hanging around thousands of years too long

@jookia @dearthofsid
Mankind has always been itinerant. History is replete with invasions. But mass genocides and mindless plunder became an official policy only when the Europeans (starting with the Spanish and then Portuguese) started invasions of Africa, Americas and east Asia.

@jookia @dearthofsid
Vasco da Gama once set up a ship full of Muslim pilgrims returning to India on fire and coolly saw men, women and children dying of fire and drowning.

@jookia @dearthofsid Doesn't take that long for atrocities to start, usually.
So our hanging around thousands of years too long is more of an additional harm than part of how the atrocities start.

Otherwise, right on.

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