If the 2018 ruling stays, Pinarayi Vijayan govt is duty bound to facilitate women entry in the upcoming season. The right wing (BJP, Congress & others) will concoct another session of violent drama to milk the situation.

Why can't the SC stay the 2018 ruling if it's "confused" about the decision? Shouldn't the judiciary have the basic responsibility support the executive maintaining the law and order?

@dearthofsid Organised acts of resistance to thwart
the implementation of this judgment must be put down firmly. Yet in
devising modalities for compliance, a solution which provides lasting
peace, while at the same time reaffirming human dignity as a
fundamental constitutional value, should be adopted. Consistent with
the duties inhering in it, we expect the State government to ensure that
the rule of law is preserved. - Minority verdict today

@savukku If a woman wants to enter, what should the state government do? Why can't the judgement be more clear?

@dearthofsid Common sense dictates that till the 2018 ruling is stayed, that ruling remains, as it is. Here it has been forwarded to a 7 member bench for "further introspection". Correct me if I am wrong.

@AdvManoj @thecuriouself

@Iwalkalone Yes, that's what I'm thinking. The lack of clarity seems very intentional so as to create a volatile environment.

@AdvManoj @thecuriouself

@dearthofsid @Iwalkalone @thecuriouself Yes. No disturbance to the ruling only distraction has been created. As if it's government's handiwork.

Valid question. State cannot be forced to implement a ruling about which SC itself is doubtful. I think State will not allow women to enter for the time being.

@wifichor If there is no stay wouldn't that amount to contempt of court?

I don't think SC in current state of mind will take any drastic step even if contempt case is filed.

@wifichor It's suo motto, nobody needs to file. Also, it's not about whether SC will do or not. It's about executive being accountable to judiciary, the precedent it sets etc.

Don't worry SC won't suo motto initiate contempt proceeding in case. Any menstruating woman trying to enter will be dealt with by RSS goons. SC will not dare to take any action. State Govt need not worry.


Who, the Judiciary???

It doesn't even have the basic sense of ruling correctly on the Rafale case, why place any expectations at all on them???

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