Next time you cry about "lawlessness" in the country, remember how you turned your backs on students getting beaten up for protesting fee hike. Remember how you sided with the establishment in their attempt to make education inaccessible to the poor.

They just cannot comprehend the possibility of comparitively richer folks offering solidarity to the Left movement. It's beyond them to understand why the "rich students" will walk with their comrades.

That's where "JNU kids wear branded clothes" is coming from.

Data says over half of JNU students can afford the fee hike. Data also says it's not a big deal if the other half drops out of college because it is known that only richer half is entitled to education.

Data is political.

Offering solidarity to the students protesting the fee hike at JNU, as a beneficiary of subsidised education and a "tax-paying citizen".

A state must ensure universal public education. Any attempts to make education inaccessible must be condemned.

People need to come to terms with the Truth.
The govt. (i.e. Rulers) are least likely to care about the interests of the poor.
When any person vouches for the poor; there are a lot of powerful interests that will go against such a person.

@dearthofsid @atamariya when the voices of youth gets muffled it points to very rough/dangerous times ahead.


None required. That the original comment is from a stupid cowmutr drunkard sticks out with stark clarity!!

@dearthofsid Whichever I***t has said this must also know where JNU ranks as a university, and how many IITians leave the country. And how many are ending their lives unable to cope - fees certainly being one of the issues.


Data also would reveal that most MPs/MLAs, ministers and politicians don't need allowances, one could say salary even. They are super duper rich.

The day, the citizens start using THAT DATA would be a good day for the country and democracy, I think and wish. 😅

@KnottedBow There was a generation of politicians who died poor for they spent all their money helping people who had voted for them.

@Vishsai @dearthofsid
WAS. Being the operative word.
They were the genuine ones, who believed in their ideology and the reason why they were in politics.

Today many ppl change ideology and loyalties like would change their clothes.
Money rules.

@dearthofsid I don't understand people's reactions. People pay taxes hence education, healthcare and all essentials should either be free or subsidised so everyone can get access to the same amenities regardless of income.

What exactly is the logic behind opposing this and not standing with someone who fights for it ?

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