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Bandcamp are waiving their revenue sharing for all of Friday (the 20th, from midnight to midnight PT).

so if you've been wanting to support some indie artist or labels, then is the time!

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Am Freitag kannst du Musiker.innen unterstützen: #Bandcamp verzichtet an diesem Tag auf seine Anteil an jedem Einkauf - Hier 10 Tipps von mir zum Reinhören. #Corona #Solidarität

@Garrison by they way: this is live changing for me!
Solves so many adhesion issues by slowing the print down for the first few layers :3

between that and unlimited home office I do now, more then ever before, want to work this job until I die q_q

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I just fucking love my job.
We're going to get corona patient data and work on that frontier as well :3

@Garrison you got some good recommendations for support-removal tools? Currently using screwdrivers to get to hard to reach parts and it’s ... suboptimal

Printed my first dungeon :3
Just missing some 10ish figurines 🥰

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Ob Telefonnummern, Adressen oder Geburtstage - was ihr in der Kontakte-App von #Google abspeichert, landet standardmäßig automatisch im Internet. Welche #datenschutz|freundlichen Alternativen wir empfehlen, erfahrt ihr hier. @digitalcourage

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Miniflux up and running.
Let's see if it's a gamechanger.

Now moved completely from Google.
More than 2,5k mails migrated and deleted. The account will run some time and forward mails to catch any stray newsletters and then it's done.

It’s annoying, but also so satisfactory...
First layer calibration pic.

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