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"Fear not, fair maiden," the knight said, "I shall free you."
"Go away," said the woman, "I'm bait."
"This is the dragon's clever plan to meet you."
"Meet me?"
"Yes, he saw you fight someone and was smitten."
"He did? I mean, he was?"
"This dragon, is he handsome?"

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"Spaghetti carbonara," the ensign said, "overcooked."
"Why?" said his friend. "The replicator could make it perfect."
"I know."
"Do you think it's tastier when it's overcooked?"
"No, not really."
"Then why?"
"It reminds me of home. That's how grandma made it."

So, I know this isn't a new product, as I have definitely eyed it before, but this has Bläck Mëtäl ÅF x California Bay Area Hippie Bitch vibes, and it got me today.

- aluminum can (hella more recyclable than plastic)
- healthier than soda

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@Gargron @nonordinarytiles And if a few of the new users joined patreon or otherwise donated, would that help you get these feature back online sooner?

(I ask as I have the patreon page open and I'm trying to decide which tier to support at.)

@Tusky Awesome! I'll give that a look over. Thank you.

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Who's got two thumbs and just set a header image on this site? (If you guessed me, give yourself a gold star.)

I cropped one of my pieces down to make a header image. If you like it, I have a link to my INPRNT shop in my bio and you can buy it (or others) there.

@Tusky I appreciated that you replied anyway. Thank you! Everything seems pretty straight forward, but I like reading welcome/new user guides in case I miss something just poking through, you know?

@Tusky is there a good how to/welcome guide for first time tusky users posted somewhere you know of?

I can't do my twitter housekeeping until the weekend, but my tentative plan is to kill my secondary accounts and condense my mvp follows to my main.

One of my secondary accounts is for my Star Trek collaborative writing rp. Is it worth maybe starting a replacement for that account here? Would people like to see our released mission logs? How active is the star trek community here?

Okay. Need to actually crop down some of my art to put a header on my profile here. Mostly I'm in lurking mode still, but need to gut my twitter presence and move over here more protectively.

Okay, let's give this another try, shall we? I signed up to another Mastodon server a while back, but the admin was a little... uh, restrictive, and I gave up. We'll see how this one does for me.