Ohay, I ended up deciding I like the view from @deathmtn@botsin.space slightly better, so I've gone back to posting from there and will keep this around in case that instance goes away.

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Alternative idea! Take $52 billion from the military budget, buy all those Fox properties and put them in the Public Domain.

Job creation out the wazoo, and the US becomes the #1 destination for creators!

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Have you ever stopped to think how absurd it is America has never had a President that is a woman?

When people call America a 'progressive' nation, I don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

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numbers-station: An HTTP server for generating a pseudorandom series of numbers. Useful for running a numbers station.


Wasn’t strictly necessary to shovel, but I felt like getting in one easy shovel in, just to reacquaint myself with non-brutal shoveling. It was peaceful!

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@deathmtn The chest dematerializes after you unlock it revealing its contents:
πŸ”» Legendary Tool: Blood Stained, black bone saw πŸ”ͺ

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the private owner of @uline@twitter.com has spent more than $100,000 trying to get a child molester elected to the US Senate

If you care about progressive values, you should drop @uline@twitter.com immediatelyπŸ‘‡


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If you're white and your asking me what you can do to fight racism, but you refuse to hear what I'm saying because I'm not coddling you like an toddler, we're not on the same team.

You're with the other guys.

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The first thing you gotta remember about bigots is that they are cowards. They specifically go after people they believe to be weaker than them, and it's always in numbers.

The best way to deal with a bigot is to not allow them the space to effectively express their bullshit. Bigots abuse the idea of free speech for the express purpose of trying to harm people for their amusement.

I have no regard for the feelings or opinions of bigots because there only goal is to cause hurt and drama.

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the year is 20XX but everyone calls it "the hexties"

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Boost if you think trains are the best method of transit.


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