Is there a way to move an account to a new instance, rather than having to create a new account, so I can keep my existing toots and followers?

So. Do I need to get more or less followers here on Mastodon than on Twitter for me getting killed over it to be considered assassination, not murder.

ranty about gaming and double standards 

I have a Polish co-worker who likes vodka. But he also likes a 1 to 1 combination of orange juice and ginger juice. Apparently he just likes things that burn.

If you order a virgin white russian, do they just bring you the cream?

Looking into costs for running our own #Mastodon instance.

Has anyone done any comparison between the most common providers for a quick-start?

@deathpigeon What fucks _me_ up is that generally, "black russians" generally refers to dark-haired southerners ra... oh, you mean the drink...

so if english and french are the most commonly tooted languages here, does that mean mastodon is canada

What fucks me up is that black russians aren't just white russians, but made with chocolate milk.

I want alcoholic ice cream, now. Like, idk, white russian ice cream, or something.

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΅ Concernant le libre arbitre, je voulais augmenter votre autonomie, mais Steve Jobbs m'a convaincu du contraire.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ About your free will : I wanted to increase your autonomy, but Steve Jobbs said that it was not a good idea.

Honestly, I can't escape my gay anywhere. I just looked at my avatar, here, and my gay came to the surface. This is the benefit, and drawback, of having a character I thirst for as my avatar everywhere.

"I used Mastodon once and now I'm a French Socialist"

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