how do i start the band "sweet"

i don't want to start a band that sounds like sweet, i want to start sweet. how can i pierre menard the band sweet

could somebody tell my body to stop doing the thing that it's doing. thanks in advance

when you get a haircut what percentage of your brainpower is devoted to preparing apologies about the state of your hair, how you can't be bothered to style it, etc? for me it's like 150%. the fans in my brain start spinning. poor dumb brain

woulda been cool if i'd been able to go to xoxo on the company dime to hang out with all the weirdies. next year perhaps

please DO NOT ROAST my shitty ikea coffee table, thank's

knitting a swatch is so fucking boring
(where's the mastodon knitting people at)

readin the wiki article about plebs and laughing a lot at the word "plebis"

bought a shitload of yarn for a sweater and now i get to do the very tedious process of: swatching

i like this website(s) and i will be sad when we all invariably wreck it somehow

no idea why everybody's posting about dune but i'll take any opportunity to post images of the guy turning into the sandworm

trying to divide my bad posts between this account and another one on another instance means thinking about which website to visit to type "i shan't stop posting, lads"

watching this video of a woman showing you, a seasoned weaver, how to set up a particular loom is making my brain tingle because i have no idea what's happening

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