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90% of my time on here is just screaming 'I love this' at various pitches, tones, and volumes

today was a character development day.
no, not for me, for Rell Dipmane, my centaur death cleric I'll be playing as in an upcoming dnd game! I made a front and side color reference for them and am very excited for the experience!

happy-go-lucky centaur death cleric! still don't have a name, but working on them

hey did you know that horses actually can swim, but careful! if they get their head and ears underwater, it's very likely that they will drown.
I guess it holds true for centaurs too.
(marked sensitive for mild drowning, I'm sure they'll be fine.)

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they came! I now own Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca AND my first set of dice! the dice are green and gold, which actually isn't what was on the website, but they're pretty, just unexpected

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I was expecting a friend over for tea later today, we've been wanting to meet up for months, but instead of me seeing her later tonight, she surprised me at school instead!

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It's fucked up that I can't shoot energy blasts from my hands. Like what the hell

hewwo? anwybody? pwompts pwease! I'ww dwaw anwytwing! awso my kewbowwd is bwoken, I thiwnk

it's been a while, but I'm back at Drowsy Chaperone practice, and you know what this means!
send some prompts my way, and I'll draw them while I wait for practice to end!

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oh, and I also was invited to take part in my first dnd campaign! I'm gonna be a centaur cleric!

today I used a gift card for barnes and nobles to get a physical copy of Rebecca (one of my favourite books) and my first ever dnd dice set! I'm excited for both~

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"I made a Mastodon just in case things gets bad here." Show more

urgh, got that stupid kind of brainfog that's yelling at me to get up, youre wasting time, ect, but also yelling at me to stay put because talking to other people is beyond my capabilities atm

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born via constructor
void* is a fuck
killall 1989
I am garbage collector
0x5fa3139c52 dead pointers

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💊 take your meds

🍵 stay hydrated

🍑 have a snack

👹 be the cryptid you want to see in the world