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90% of my time on here is just screaming 'I love this' at various pitches, tones, and volumes

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Don't say you have a sick baby if it can't even do a kickflip.

I kept thinking my jack-in-the-box, Cardinal, reminded me of something and...
o hold up I think I know now asfdsgfdg. AMBROSE VIBES.
Ambrose is so handsome, maaaan.

Go Hesitation

a pun on no hesitation because I want to eat the Go stones

this is something that I think about

I could never play Go on an actual physical board

I'd eat the pieces without a second thought

scorpia's ball outfit made me significantly gayer

whoops never posted bc i'm pulling an all-nighter and therefore never rly "woke up"

hot tip for you minecrafters: packed ice doesn't melt next to lava

jeopardy is terrifyingly error message blue

why did I not notice this before

it has now brought all internet connections to a halt, geez I forgot just how much game is packed in those good good gay cookies

it's almost decembertime, I guess it's the season of picking up new vices because I just decided to pick up cookie run again

I am. very tired. but also just consumed four hours of mcelroy content, so the gland that makes you call everything 'my sweet sweet boy' and talk incessantly about things has been activated

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