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90% of my time on here is just screaming 'I love this' at various pitches, tones, and volumes

a knife has many uses, just like a label. sticking one on yourself in both cases can both pry up problems and uselessly wound.

make sure you're doing the right one by sticking this one in.

the word 'dumb' is complacency. you start calling yourself that, and soon enough, you believe it.

call yourself that in front of others and you're putting a label on that no one asked for. it just harms yourself and your goals by doing that.

it's a cop out. be better than that. make yourself something to be worth a good label.

Wise words on technology creep from a former coworker:

"But again, be forewarned. We were told this same thing with the advent of word processors, and in the end, we didn’t go home early because we got our work done. Instead we output more letters."

Reasons to join mastodon:

1) i'm gay
2) you're gay
3) there's girls here
4) and those girls?
5) they're fucking gay

boost to respect Tama, the Honorary Eternal Stationmaster of the Kishi train station who increased ridership on the Kishigawa Line by almost 20% upon her appointment. RIP

how big is 112 gigs? because my tumblr zip file was that and counting

whew, just did a HUGE blocking, unfollowing, and server deleting spree

gave up trying to download my tumblr, and decided to use my time for good

can i just rip the spine out of whoever though music stands should hold paper about as well as a shopping cart holds water?

epic gamer moment when u wanna talk bout ur OCs but ur ideas r fuckin garbage 😂 🤣

Relationship with God: WHACK

Relationship with MothMan: Tight As FUCK.

self care is seeing a Top Ten Scariest Video Games video and deciding not to click on it.

okay, I'm starting to get legitimately grossed out at this, goodnight federated

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