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90% of my time on here is just screaming 'I love this' at various pitches, tones, and volumes

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context. I was convinced to ride, in order with no breaks, the Tatsu, the Ninja, and the Hall of Justice.

I had to be escorted by security because this was too much for my weak ass to deal with past midnight, and I spent the rest of our hours standing in a shop not allowed to sit down.

magic mountain 2/10 there's nowhere to sit and nowhere indoors fuck you guys at least your emergency people were professional

I'm at six flags and not feeling good

tetsu ninja hall of justice rapid fire no breaks

stillfour hours left

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hit the 40 sec mark...yay...

I need a shower and bed. I'll finish it tomorrow, and explain that I really, really tried.

okay. 31 seconds in 5 hours. that's probably good enough, right? I can't hit the minute mark anytime soon, so I'm just gonna pull the plug and hope that she doesn't show the class it.

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plants are such happy creatures i love them if i ever get a pet it will be a plant

I just need to draw a minute's worth of animation in, oh I dunno...about an hour?


please end my suffering.

u g h just my luck to have my blue yeti that worked YESTERDAY, mind you, not being picked up today.

audacity is saying, 'Error opening sound device.' like it didn't record me the literal day before.

stupid windows 10. you suck.

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the research paper is sent! thanks again to the fediverse for supplying the data to do it!

thank you all SO MUCH! I cut it off at a WHOPPING 100 responses, that's absolutely perfect for my stats project that's due tonight, message me if you want a post homework doodle, y'all deserve it!

hey mastodon, do you wanna meet your quota on good deeds today?

please take, like, two minutes to fill out this 2 question survey, you'll forget about it in a few hours, but the ripple effect will literally save my ass


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mild take re: "The Purge" Show more

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PPeleL.LLLL;LW...,,wSKKK;. M,,,,.MM,MMAAAE FRE,....,,,,EE,,,,O;f ;;;;E;R ;,,AA ,;..;;;,,,RRRII ,, ,i..,AA..AAn, NNAA ,,,FR;.;,,,R,,,O,IRRRRR,,,..ooaM.. , aAA AAA,,,,AAA,MMM;;M,,,AAAAINGGG;G GYx x, x,,,, . .xOYY[,YYYYYYc ,i.,AA..AAA,n,,NNN,,NAAAA ,FR;.;,,,RRR, ,,O O;,,,IIIrrR,,,..oaMMM. . .AA,A,,,,,APP elleeL..LLL;LLLW....,SKw K;.,, aAAAA,,r,A,AAM,M;;M,,AAiINgG GYx x ,x,., ..x;;OY,[YYYYYcc ;;I,;;YY;;Y,,,GGLNNN[[; [GrG,,,

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@cycm the wise man bowed his head solemnly and spoke: "theres actually zero difference between good & bad things. you imbecile. you fucking moron"

Hybrid Nature: You have two creature types: humanoid and monstrosity. You can be affected by a game effect if it works on either of your creature types.

it's gonna be all centaurs for a hot week or two jsyk

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dora’s keepin cool in the shade today