I made food for the hummingbird feeder, it's just cane sugar boiled in water. Did you know you're supposed to change that almost daily when the temp gets into to 80s? Otherwise, mold can form and the birds can get sick.

Even when it's 70° or so, you've got to change it every few days. Most people don't, I believe. Who knows what happens to the hummingbirds after they eat, right?

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I'm very intentionally not moving my Twitter network over to Mastodon

This is good cuz I need to be on my phone more so that I can be assured to get hand-cancer.

My neck
My back
I'm going to get a massage in the morning

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I have a hummingbird feeder that I hung and never filled and I just saw a hummingbird go to it looking for food and omg I am the biggest asshole ever.

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I like the local feed. It reminds me of Twinkle, when I first got on Twitter in the beginning of '09. It also makes me not feel obliged to follow someone for fear that I'll never see their posts again.

Now's my chance to be anon online again. Born again anon.

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Twitter don't read this...... 

Mastodon, hello.

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