One of my favorite bug reports recently was where dsp processing was causing audio effects in just the left ear while playing Piggy by NIN. Turns out there was a buffer alignment issue, so had to pragma that code.

Intel AMT drama: 

1. Details by the original discoverer:
2. Independent rediscovery:
TLDR: trivial auth bug in the AMT web server...

What consequences should face those, who build web servers into our CPUs?

Remember Intel's been keen on mocking OSS for its lack of security & liability. Here's a fragment from the 2014 book by Intel ME architect:

Getting ready to go today. Growing up I never would have thought this would have to be a thing. On a positive note this administration has helped support the poster board industry.

Time to dig into this null pointer nonsense in the gatt manager.

Advice: don't go to court looking a cross between an old-timey villain and general Zod. You'll probably lose.

The picture quality is decent but I'd be embarrassed to release code as buggy as samsung does. Similar to a DSP crashing where you'll have whatever was in the buffer playing forever.

One of the best retro non-functioning alarm system at my friends house.

Follow up: callstack was not even close, but had a good time root causing.

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You know it's going to be a fun debug time when someone says: "here's probably the callstack, good luck. "

Time to work on some OTA over BLE today 😀. Telling these are the things that make me smile, sports not so much.

It's been fun to see how quickly my timeline is filling up in just a few day. People seem to be splitting time tweeting/tooting now, but I'm curious how long before people make this their primary service.

Showing a web developer how information is sent electrical on a bus, then visibly showing them the bits and converting it to ascii..then seeing their reaction makes you feel 😊 now for me to learn some web stuff.

Fuzz testing Bluetooth stacks makes you realize they are like a house built on stilts.. that are on fire. Even valid timing tests can bring the whole thing down. Curious if this is the majority or minority.

That moment you realize there are assumptions and tight coupling of AVRCP/A2DP in a chip vendors Bluetooth stack but this assumption isn't shared by App developers. 🤦‍♂️


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