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it's always nice to browse the files at an early point in a years-old github project, back when everything was good and pure and unsullied by the dark shadow of what the project would eventually, must inevitably become

Job titles of the near future:

* Software gardener (the intersection of devops & maintenance)

* Software archaeologist (maintenance of old but important systems)

* Software anthropologist (maintenance of old but important systems whose behavior is confusing)

* Software documentary editor (a software anthropologist that annotates old broken software & its documentation for software historians)

* Software historian (studies old versions of software to make it understandable to modern users)

One of the things I find most fascinating about the birdsite is how fast culture propagates, and how quickly it gets remixed to the point where tweets only make sense if you know a very specific set of Internet touch points. But at the same time, it's sort of an un-humour that's based on recognition rather than any actual wittiness. It's saying "a-ha, I too was here for this moment, I participated".

this interactive fiction writes cishet dudes really realistically mastodon.social/media/C3jUqZ51

yesterday i noticed that fatal fury's duck king turned 50 in february. dude's still punk af tho

someone with more gumption should make a tumblr where all the entries are just birthday notices for all the 1990s fighting game characters who have canon birth dates

i think it's hilarious/rad that early fighting games did this, due to the potential for this shit seeming dated 25 years into future franchises the devs probably never anticipated existing

chun-li is 49. dhalsim is 64 :O

p.s. this october 1st we will also celebrate the 20th anniv of Crystalis' The END DAY. congrats to us all for surviving it 🍷

the moon is cool
and goes to bed
under an umbrella

current status: smittenkitchen.com/2008/12/car (ok just helping with the cake, frosting is from the store by request)

maybe this reads better as a fable if it goes "and no one ever asked..." *shrug*

Pat’s particular style of smug superiority is indistinguishable from how most gamers approach their hobby awoo.space/media/5BDe-2O9ZKLLR

Writing style tip: do not make the experience of reading your post feel like shoving one's face through a pile of fedoras.

(no one ever asks why the VP of E keeps hiring straight white male devs who look like him. ~FIN~)


i'm so depressed that i can't go to the other network where i usually go when i'm depressed.

This is a whisper of appreciation to all the invisible efforting that goes into everything

it's not a shoutout, because lord knows there's already enough noise

When cats go "mrrr-ya," RT if you agree

i'm listening to a foley artist explain how he makes the sound of leaves

it's tape. old 1/4" tape, old VHS tape. they had a lot of it lying around.