I did some experiments that really highlight how heavily image recognition algorithms depend on probability - and how unprepared they are for surrealism. #machinelearning



My student trained some classifiers on ImageNet and the result was that all quadrupeds were predicted as dog.

We then switched to MS Coco and found that -- while the caption generation is often good for a laugh -- the object detection was not pretty good in most cases.

Not detecting sheep on trees maybe shows that the Deep Networks now have actually a good "common sense"

I wonder how it fare on the columbine harvester picture?


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@deeds Ha, what a picture! As you predicted, Microsoft Azure (trained on Coco, I believe) reported it as "a crowd of people"

@deeds But Cloudsight is an interesting case! It seamlessly uses humans for the hard one and since the caption was part of the photo...
Object: "green and yellow combine harvester"
Scene: "This Look Like A Sick Concert Text"

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