I know I don’t toot often, but I really want to. Just need to follow more cool nerds.

AAAARG the anguish of getting super trans vibes off a super extra nerdy anon account that I'm like preeeetty sure I think maybe might be a...

aaah, the boundaries. I enforces thems.
But also like
I want to hang out with this person IRL
but they're probably in France or some shit.

No I won't @ them cuz /boundaries/

acab life protio 

Free unlimited data Sim card too 👌

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anyway here’s how to get the barnacle off of your car twitter.com/saallyjohnsonn/sta

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Googled someone I called a friend for years but lost contact with a decade ago. He’s a rapist now apparently.

Train switched directions on me while I was headed to pick up my kid. I called daycare to let them know I'd be a little late, and the fucking guy next to me said, "oh you're supposed to transfer at pioneer square. They announced it like, several times" fuck you dude. They didn't. They said it was a southbound train. You got on later from somewhere else. The fuck.

Started with a personal trainer. She asked my sex for body fat percentage calculations. So... Where my trans biologists at? Neither binary option will "work" for people on HRT right? I declined to answer not because of dysphoria, but because of cissexist numerical models.

Email from Keybase:
"Fuckboy is now following you on Keybase. That's great because following increases security. It makes encrypted chats + file sharing safer, especially when you install Keybase on a new device."

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fuck fare enforcement, if you're in the seattle area you should take this survey and tell them to fuck off with fare enforcement twitter.com/SoundTransit/statu

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I've found myself so incredibly isolated in Seattle. There are queer folks everywhere, so it's really hard to connect just on that. But there are so few spaces that are for us that make it easy to connect anyway. Meetups shrivel and fail. Facebook mines all my data. Twitter is a scream fest.

I want friends that are available to actually do things. Queer friends ideally since cishets are so rarely down to wreck the status quo. But like, the 77 y/o witch from my last neighborhood is awesome.

Free software isn't about the government's freedom to commit genocide. It's more free as in "fuck the government".

Dart has so many ridiculous unsupported corner cases in its syntax. Constructors aren't functions. typedef can't alias non-function types. Bleh.

When a dick tries to argue their crap is "only logical":

phallusy fallacy.

I just love stepping through assembly. And that "push %rbp" causes the next instruction to be somewhere completely different, running some "lock xadd" instruction for some fucking reason.

Why is this my life. Why can't computers make sense.

I got face surgery before and got super scared about my eyebrows being paralyzed. I got motor control back after a month or two. Now it's my cheeks. They're paralyzed and I can only muster a "joker face" smile. It's unsettling. I'm trying to keep calm and just focus on healing, but there's always the what-ifs..

Alcohol and Minecraft are the biggest marriage stressors.

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