If I were to make a guillotine to cut watermelons and just happened to store it outside, would I be liable for any rebels that decide to use it for... off label purposes?

I think I bricked some really expensive hardware at work today. *sigh*

I toyed with the idea of a cryptographically secure social network to enhance ActivityPub in a conversation with @cwebber, but re-examining it, I can't endorse it as the (first) way forward. We need more ways to tackle abuse first.

Never use , they say. There's no standard way to wrap a system header file, they say.

Get your standards in the 21st century, C. Modules, damn it.

I've edited my thoughts to tweetable content, so now even my anxiety about medical conditions gets reframed into macabre but humorous words that I definitely will NOT share, but still feel a /strong/ urge to.

I wonder how many asphalt researchers get trolled by reviewers that say, "can you make this... concrete?"

Found github.com/apache/climate as a possible project to put some time into.

Pro: fight climate change in a tangible way.

Con: Write code in Python

Hmm, the world may just be screwed.

It's almost 10 on a Sunday. I shouldn't be doing labor for my employer. I should be doing something. Like contributing my skills to fight climate change. What tech out there could help us reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere?


Oooh fuck.

So when the reports say "remove gigatons of carbon from the atmosphere" as part of our need to survive as life on the planet, and no such tech exists, that uhhh that UHHHHH

We all gon' die.

I've been writing and deleting a lot of toots, just agonizing over lack of social interaction with adults outside of work. Must... resist... urge... to delete this too.... toot

My teen is playing fallout 3 and loves trying to kill everybody. She's a bit of.. something. Anyway, Stanley in the beginning? You can shoot him RIGHT IN THE HEAD and drop his ass, but the game says "Stanley is unconscious". We thought, "WTF this isn't Pokemon" and MFer gets up after a couple seconds and talks to you like nothing happened.

Heeeey y'aaaaaaall please seriously consider becoming foster parents. You can totally say you'll only host queer kids or trans kids. That's a thing you can do. The system is fucked, and we need to take care of our own.

Signed: a foster parent dealing with the fuckedness.

My Dragon Girlfriend is pretty much perfect, except it's not infinite.

Until I find an easy keystroke to "focus last opened terminal or launch a terminal if there isn't one", I will have 10 open terminals, 8 of which were opened to do trivial one-off tasks.

Me: Here's a basic question. Context if you're interested (technical, showing I've been thoughtful).

Dude: Answers question.
Me: (Yay! An answer!)
Dude: Take a step back, why you do this? Another step back, why you do that?

I'm seeeeeeriously surprised that dude actually answered my question before berating me. Usually they just berate me.

Ugh ugh ugh. My housemates' dude co-worker that I was super suspicious of is downstairs gaslighting her.

Mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad Madam Mim FUFUFUFUFU

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