Is there a Hungarian community in Mastodon ?
Are there folks working in FOSS living in Hungary and also here on mastodon
#hungary #budapest #foss #exchange

@Elijah__ yup!
also @algernon
and others who afaik don't currently live in Hungary, like

also some frens who don't post about software:
@letyepetyelepetye posts cool art
@Silverrpent posts math
(when they're active)

@grainloom @Elijah__ @algernon @szbalint @letyepetyelepetye @Silverrpent
i don't really track who's hungarian from my followees... has closed a while ago, so don't know if there's a 'new' community home in .hu (would be nice, maybe i could start one?...). looking at my list, @kinga_design @kerenon @nfx @donkardos @deejayy seem to be moar or less (but at least somewhat) active.

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