A most lucid explanation by Peter Oborne of how/why BJ came to power, and a warning that whoever gets in, it could get worse.

Nine minutes.


I'm sharing a house with a deeply depressed introvert and being pretty empathic, it's seeping under my mental doors.. spent 20 minutes this morning wondering why I felt so bleak before adding 2 and 2 to make 4 billion.. I have to find a better place (in both senses) to live

@preppydude re: triphop - this is my stuff from that era


I was really enjoying making music at the time, working with the Morcheeba Bros Paul and Ross Godfrey, Guy Sigsworth, all kinds of genius.

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id like to challenge people who make really "dark" sounding music to make some really "dark" sounding music without using any type of distortion or reverb

Really early on I used to love bells, church bells and handbells. I still have the bell which grandad used to ring, signaling the end of Surrey Street market and before that era, Croydon cattle market. I used to ring the bell at St Margaret's, a smallish church in SE19, to call the faithful. But best of all was the church organ, which had a powerful three-deck keyboard and foot pedals. I'd practise on a Saturday moming, mostly abandoning Bach, instead playing Elton John songs from memory..

I used to be fascinated by things that you could make cultural things with - as a youg'un, paint, draw, model - knives, saws, colours, brushes, paper, wood. I loved Spirograph. Then musical instruments, cameras, audio recorders.1970s tech. Then video, multitrack audio, welding, casting sculpture. Then computers, all things digital. Some time last year I realised I am now much more interested in living things. All of them. The three-legged cat, the birds, the foxes, the bees, orcas, you and me...

Woohoo! Here comes the shortest night, longest day northern hemisphere.. longest night, shortest day southerners.. I love a solstice, me. Two opportunities to

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Lovely full moooooooon day today. Summer is a-cumin in :)

Job done, she's off writing limericks now and her English will be top notch.

Hang on.. notch.. botch.. crotch... maybe keep them clean ;-)

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So I wrote Anna, my mountain-cyclist student, a limerick, to demonstrate:

An athletic young cyclist called Anna
Fixed her bike with an alien spanner
Crossed the alps in a day
And was then heard to say
That was fun! in a jovial manner

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- an example of a limerick which I gave to my student. It's fun, using English to entertain as well as educate, my favourite way of teaching.

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There was a young woman named Bright,
Whose speed was much faster than light.
She set out one day,
In a relative way,
And returned on the previous night.

i LOVE THIS NEW SONG but it's so heartbreakingly mournful I have to ration it - another corker by Unio and Petitio


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