So now Spain has started trending . Another wave of migrations to the fediverse has started. Maybe a from Islamophobic trollverse is next. I am inviting the faithful to try Mastodon as an alternative

They threw the Republic reporters out of the Mumbai Inquilaab Morcha 🤣

Am hearing of internet being shut down tomorrow, over various districts in Uttar Pradesh . Clearly preparing for a tense Friday. Please stay safe everyone & protect those who are weak & in danger.

@sanjayuvacha I know it's a cliched statement, but the fight is for the soul of our country. And we can't lose.

fight is one between Savarkar's Hindustan versus Ambedkar's India.

I am proud today of my fellow Indians, we reclaimed Tiranga, we reclaimed Jan Gan Mann, we reclaimed Bharat Mata Ki Jai, we reclaimed Sare Jahaan Se Accha.

I am sure, WE will reclaim our beloved nation too, soon very soon.


There's no credible Opposition. So people are protesting in the streets.
There's no credible media outlet. So people are using social media to put out their own coverage of the protests.
This is India.

Some very creative sloganeering and posters. The mark of a democracy is also the visibility of its verbal humour in the most difficult of times.

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I didn't even realise how quickly the trickle from the station became a crowd and I panicked worrying about stampedes. There weren't any.

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Okay, okay let me do this in order. First, the sloganeering and posters at Grant Road station itself. Peacefully and without disruptions.

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I've just got internet connectivity again. Such a high. I'm so proud of my city, its cops, its citizens and its politics. Yes, we're workaholics but boy when we show up, do we show up!


I spotted too at the rally showing solidarity with his fellow citizens.He is the man who lived”RANG DE BASANTI “ today at August Kranti Maidan



‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram
Patita Pavan Sitaram
Ishwar Allah Tero Naam
Sabako Sanmati De Bhagawan!’

Singer slams the Modi government for passing that ‘divides people based on religion’.


Bangalore protestor upcycled a Parent Trap poster as a slogan against Amit Shah. In a dreary, tiring day of coverage, this made room for laughter. For those who think this trivializes situations, remember - fascist nations are most terrified of laughter in the face of despair.

Harsh Mandar speaking in support of Jamia and protesting students.

(URL changed to invidious for better privacy)

Via (has transcript) @musafir

The fight for a India, is not a Muslim Indian's fight. It is basically a Indian's fight. My way of life accommodates, 33 crore deites and their devotees. It does not distinguish between followers of any God and knows that all paths lead to the one truth. We are all on this land as one family.

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