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i usually write songs but right now my heart is broken and i am lost for words. So I made a lofi instrumental album on my phone to make me feel better. it did make me feel better.

it is free/pay what you want.

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Just realised I haven’t actually promoted the album here yet, so I will do so just the once.

It’s called Tell Me I Can Fix This On My Own and was in . 🌺

Sorry for the boring question or if it's me just not paying attention, but: if Signal has entirely quit working for me on desktop is there a place on the internet I can troubleshoot it by talking to a human, or am I SOL?

Man, could you imagine if other workers reacted like tech Industry ones do?
"my car broke down." "UH, HOW ABOUT YOU MAKE YOUR OWN CAR THEN?"

Ha, my project got featured on Glitch.

(I am far from fluent in javascript so I do not recommend trying to learn anything from my code, but it was fun!)

*whispers* I finished a project last month; I was not going to share it here because it’s not very well put-together, but to my surprise a few people seem to be enjoying it, so: (output); (source).

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Hey! There's a new episode of the podcast I co-host with @deerful where we talk about our obsessions. This week is one of mine: the fiction of Thomas Pynchon.

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Furiously oscillating between ‘I only want to listen to Carly Rae Jepsen’ and ‘no music is soft enough’

I’ve been a bit quiet because life, but I’m still here, still making stuff, planning lots of projects, just tired.

I didn’t really promote this properly the day I made it, but the other night I made a sort of soft drone EP. It’s not really like anything else I’ve done but I like it a lot.

It’s free/pay what you want.

The rumours are true and I am now very excitedly helping with curation for, thanks for having me @M_PF!

The latest #Algopop entry was posted by Emma Winston @deerful (@deerful on Twitter) who has joined Algopop as its new co-author! This is a great day for Algopop, as we can now manage it between the two of us, and keep it going for you and the 20k Tumblr fans 🤯 we're very excited

Do you have just one parent who was born in the USA? You are eligible to vote. Depending on where your US-born parent last lived in the US, you may even be able to fax in a ballot for tomorrow's election. Check out

If it's too late to get registered for this election, don't fret. There are two elections every bloody year. (I know it's absurd. I'm sorry. We should try to fix it.)

Get registered now so you can vote in 2020, which is the one where we throw out the orange shitwit.

If you are outside the US, I strongly recommend joining Democrats Abroad. They will help you informed and do useful stuff.

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