i usually write songs but right now my heart is broken and i am lost for words. So I made a lofi instrumental album on my phone to make me feel better. it did make me feel better.

it is free/pay what you want.

I'm so so touched that people are enjoying heal? It was such a strange little project born out of literally not being able to do anything else, and the thought that it might be giving other people comfort or joy too makes me feel good. thank you all.

@aparrish I am so happy you like it, if anyone other than me enjoys it it’s a wonderful bonus

@hirnbrot maybe I will just do a whole album of hot cocoas next time :P

@deerful Like different versions? " With marshmallows", "caramel", "amaretto"?

A concept album kind of deal.

@hirnbrot this is a lovely idea. i think heartsease is going to be an ongoing side project for me so maybe this will be the next record.


Beautiful music. Sorry to hear that, like so much amazing art, it took pain to drive it into being.

@deerful Great, enjoyable vignettes, like a sample book of musical textures. Makes me want to mash them up, add vaporwave-like effects, use them like musical writing prompts. Inspiring!

@Stringbender I would love love love to hear the results if you did.

@deerful Will def keep you posted. Been a while since I woke up the music dragon, but it's starting to twitch.

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