owo uwu owo uwu: No One Is Lonely

Google Translate (left: source; right: output)

(This was Igbo > English - it seems like Igbo has a lot of polysemic words and combined with Google’s overdetermination from context it got interesting pretty fast.)

@deerful oh my god?? The output on the right wasn't manually authored at all?? It's so good it hurts a little.

@JaronToots nope, absolutely all I did was add one more owo or uwu alternating for each line. It’s essentially purely procedurally generated.

@JaronToots @deerful it's probably a source text or close to a source text from Google's sources it uses to train the system. the weird stuff on the left probably coerced it into giving up a memorized text

@deerful w
what... language... does Google think this is

@smudgehell @deerful huh, I copied from the alt text (which has no line breaks) and mostly got a lot of "hijack"

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