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(This was Igbo > English - it seems like Igbo has a lot of polysemic words and combined with Google’s overdetermination from context it got interesting pretty fast.)

I have *never* been able to get Sonic Pi to click for me as a language, but I am at , currently being re-taught it by a ten year-old girl, and suddenly it's making sense

and honestly I feel like there's a lesson here about teaching styles, about assumed audiences, about assumed knowledge

btw @emma is still valiantly posting all my loops one by one, but the best of them are expanded on on Heal anyway.

I'm so so touched that people are enjoying heal? It was such a strange little project born out of literally not being able to do anything else, and the thought that it might be giving other people comfort or joy too makes me feel good. thank you all.

i usually write songs but right now my heart is broken and i am lost for words. So I made a lofi instrumental album on my phone to make me feel better. it did make me feel better.

it is free/pay what you want.

Last boost is kind of how Christopher Small’s ‘musicking’ concept works too.

hey yeah so i put a masterlist of the stuff I've done for on my . Still can't get it to loop seamlessly but close.

If you want the visuals, I'm having them post day by day to @emma.

they get sadder and sadder as you go i'm afraid because so do I.

if you missed me live-coding sad pop songs on the radio and would like to hear it there's a recording here - I'm on from about 1h07. A few technical hitches but I'm pleasantly surprised at how non-obvious they are. :)

Last boost is the only introductory thing on federation/activitypub/mastodon I’ve ever read that made sense to me, if you’re interested.

In other news, here is a cat in a bag, and subsequently out of a bag (kind of loud especially at the end because we were laughing at her).

Today's Too Much Not Enough is live, and in this one @darius teaches me about the decentralised web and ActivityPub, including Mastodon (especially Mastodon). I did not understand decentralisation until we recorded this, and now I do, which should be taken as a ringing endorsement IMO.

Just realised I haven’t actually promoted the album here yet, so I will do so just the once.

It’s called Tell Me I Can Fix This On My Own and was in . 🌺

I played my first last night and it was one of the best nights I can remember ever, just an absolute joy

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