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i never made an intro
im gaye... and trans.... he./hihm i am a trans boy and i am also acespec
i am wiccan blessed yule bitcheas
iim not posting my kin list but if you list a dni kin in your about/pinned and its me i wont follow
dont follow me if you kin bill cipher
im a minor yall adults can follow but dont be a creep
iv e got ptsd (dont talk about ch0king @ me)
ive also got an anxiety and a depression
no swerf, terf, phobia, or discourse on this mastoblog please

the discourse cant make me move cuz i dont know how to read... ive got too many posts to shift accounts and dont really have a reason to but should anything else happen the one id shift to is @karako

If you follow me you love gundham and if you don't I come to your house and bite you

do you think you could knit a sweater out of ramen noodles

f.............fingers in his his.....ass......

day 1 of mastodon: we are all popular and funny for 3 seconds
day 37: nico and sasuke are online again


good morning ny funky friends ! ! !!💟💓
hope all of you are having a spectacular weekened ! !!!! 💓
rememner to take care of yourselves, ok!!!!!! take yo meds, drink water, stay safe! ! 💓💕💕💕💟

just like dissociate ur life away my dudes

15 7H3R3 4 CUR553D 1M4HG35 4CC0UN73 Y37??

1 N33D MY CUR53DF 1M4G35

once i grow my final 2 nipples it's over for you motherfuckers

ive never felt more valid than on my karako account and its almost definitely for 2 reasons: homestuck and wholesomeposting

I had something to say and I forgot it so pretend this post is good and boost it as if I am a funnyman

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