Is there a general implementation that can serve as catch-all backend which can then be used by different looking frontends (twitter-like, instagram-like, etc)?

@dejfcold take a look at

It is designed for that purpose, where you can design your own extension as extension, code generate, and build on top of that.

A stack of libraries will ease the work, abstract away the complexity of both and federation.

I created a diagram of this stack..

@dejfcold Pleroma is the closest you can get. It has swappable frontends, though most are focused on microblogging.

@sean is working on a frontend for more long form blogging that he’s said is supposed to be Diaspora-like. I’ve heard of various frontends that were Instagram-like, but haven’t seen any recently.

@0x1C3B00DA @sean

I was once suggested Pleroma for selfhosting. I'll look at it in more detail.

I was hoping to selfhost only one backend and use different frontends for it so I could still use it like instagram-facebook-twitter stack but not waste server resources running multiple backends. Thanks!

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