Given the events of the weekend, I thought it would be good to have A Talk with the folks about planning for if Mom winds up in care. Neither of them wanted to discuss it, then I aspirated a bite of food and Dad said (half-joking?) that maybe I should stop talking. that could have gone better...

money woes, dogs 

Looks like I'm going to be spending a good portion of my Sunday taking Mom to and from the Urgent Care. She fell (twice) Friday and thinks her wrist is broken. Dad is golfing and H is being a grumpy shit.

Happy birthday, @kelliebob. I hope things have only gotten better today after the Kelliest start to your day!

@runes Hey, everything okay with you? Haven't seen you around except a couple replies.

Got new reading glasses today. They're not quite right and gave me an instant headache. Ordered the next step down and those will be here Thursday.

[sigh] All of this could have been avoided if anywhere around town had anything less than a 1.25 diopter.

Yesterday, my Huskers lost and my CSU Rams won. Today, it's my Seahawks' turn to make me happy. Come on boys, beat those Broncos!

Very irritated at King Soopers' lack of integration between their app and website. I spent over an hour last night making my shopping list on the site (checking coupons, checking ads, etc) and NOTHING transferred to my phone when I got to the store! All that was on my list in the app was the ketchup I'd scanned the barcode on the night before. GRAR!

I pay an extra $2.02/month on my car loan just to make it a nice round number. I wonder how much that's actually saving me in the long run?

Get home, go downstairs. The whole place REEKS of poop.
Me: Did you forget to close the bathroom door?
H: I didn't poop.
Me: Well them you've been farting up a storm because GOOD GOD.
H: I have no idea.


My body is betraying me yet again in a very permanent way. I am not happy about this. Your 40s suck, kids. I don't recommend them.

Dad put McDuff's pills in turkey this morning and handed it to him. When Duff didn't take them and they were right in front of his face, Dad had to admit that maybe I WAS right and he's going blind.

I'm not just saying that for giggles, Dad. I NOTICE things.

The Brittany Spaniel two doors down who has the same birthdate as Duff, went blind overnight a couple of years ago. Apparently, it happens.

Poor McDuff. Now, on top of everything else, I'm pretty sure he's almost blind. Like overnight.

That said, yesterday I saw driving north on College Ave and saw a couple of people taking a picture of a fresh-faced young woman standing next to the CSU sign and I was awash with feels. OT1H, "Aw! I remember my first day at CSU!" OTOH, "DAMN IT, YOU ARE NEARLY IN TRAFFIC! GET AWAY FROM THE STREET, YOU MORONS!"

I contain multitudes.

This weekend is one of the worst weekends of the year. It was move in week at CSU and people are NUTS! FTR, I went to CSU and I love it but it feels like Fort Collins doubles in size for the weekend before school starts. Even moreso than graduation weekend(s). Parents lose their damn MINDS when they drop their baby off at college!

PastMe scheduled me off for this Monday! But PresentMe has been so stressed this week that I completely forgot about it until 4pm this afternoon.Thank GOD PastMe was on the ball!

I know this will get easier the more I use it, but I just don't have the mental bandwidth for it right now.


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