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Wang-os; Infinity Crotch

So, it's been months since I've been on this site, indeed I've only just recently started to dip back into social media. The break was good, a few months off. Have I learnt anything from my exile? Well, yes:

1. My best friend died last year and Im not over it, not by long shot.
2. Alcohol makes me feel awful for days afterwards.
3. My family is everything.
4. I'm 40 tomorrow and i have no 'career', no job. I'm working towards what i want to do but....
5. I have, genuinely, missed you guys. xx

A reason to get up: the promise of fire and hitting metal things.

Seems like I can do about 2 hours of company, then I have to lock myself in a room to get away from "people". Unless I'm drinking. Rock meet hard place.

you have a magic backpack that always contains exactly what you need for the day. Today, you are shocked to see it contains a super soaker, a losing lottery ticket from 30 years ago, and a live penguin.

I wish you all a very Mary Poppins.

I ate so many sprouts it was a veritable brassica massacre.

I never 'got' singin in the rain when I was younger, but I love it now. The satire is still razor Sharp, the jokes are good, and there is the odd danCE number.

Inspite of their name, Slayer are not very festive.

Crap entertainment, well, that's another matter. My opinions on that are vital for everyone because I'm just such a dude.

My Christmas present to you all is to NOT inform you of my own personal political theory. Male, whitish and straight-ish. I think the world could do with a rest from my sort of opinion.

You know what was really missing from Star Wars 7 and 8? A load of those cool screen wipes. They're really wizard.

my moods are swingier than Duke Ellington's big swing band. In a swing off against Charles Mingus' band. While on a big swing.

I'm watching Carry on Up the Khyber, it's tempting to live toot it but I may as well just copy out the script. It is a masterpiece of British humour.

On the plus side, I got a Mojo a go go plush for myself in the sale. Happy Christmas me.

Ugh, i had to spend time in the city, in amongst the morbid desperation of Christmas shoppers, I managed to not punch anyone or constantly scream "Get out of the fudging way!" so I think I'm growing as a person. I n postponing because I'm really not in the mood.

Can I go back to being an asshole soon? Good will to all men is fu@€ing tiring.

Knackers! I have to go pick my son up. PAUSE!!!!!! Tbc

He deserves an Oscar for pulling the bug out of a rubber head