So i finished episode 4, which is here:

Drop a comment or a subscribe to really make my day. I'll love you lots for a boost of any sorts. Well, I'll love you if ya do nothing, but help a brother out huh?

I've got the next few thumb-nailed, I love drawing this story, and Grace in all her goofy smartness but its going to get psychedelic soon, which is kinda my thing, so strap in. xx

head is foggy and reallly struggling to do anything. No probs, do what you can. Don't worry too much about all the money you don't have, and all the bills that really need playing.

I may have partied too hard on friday. Its now monday morning, I never had a hang over, but sleep and concentration adn all that stuff has flown out the window. ugh.

it almost 10 in the morning, I've been on the sauce since 930 last night, we were the most successful boat in the club going up 3. there us evidence which may come soon. I'm going to have eggs and then die.

Bumps day 2. We woz robbed! but only by the ridiculous nature of bumps. crews we'll in front of us made bad errors, it cascades down and means we could catch anything. ho hum.

de compress by watching return of the jedi. good nights sleep. Bumps is brilliant but brutal. will post some video at some point . x

Bumps day 1, we caught the boat in front after about 800 metres, which was ace. I'd forgotten how bumpy things get when you row in the wash of another boat, its like a fair ground ride. Tonight will not be so easy, either the whole course or a late bump. Hard work whatever.

Impromptu Bill and Ted marathon with 7 year old boy called Rufus! Excellent!

Props to the dude on a bike cycling through Cambridge with the old fashioned boom box blasting out Tina Turner.

Looks like the death metal guy has some competition.

Well, someone seems to have tipped petrol on the world today, but i went to see my son pick up an award at school for being Imaginative. Swings and roundabouts.

I think i'll do something constructive and try and not get dragged down. I also ache everywhere because of rowing, but its a good ache because we can go quite fast.

You there. Go do good things today. You got this. We got this. x

Penultimate outing tonight, doing some sparing with M2*.

*Translation for non-rowers: racing against guys who have been rowing all year. 10 metres behind the other, chasing each other down a very tiny river, getting in the way of eveything.

It's going to hurt cos im not fit enough, but some of the best fun ever. Then everyone gets naked. then we drink beer.

Crank up the Zep. Get stuff done. For next week is Bumps* week, and nothing gets done then.

*Bumps - Cambridge rowing competition where 18 racing VIII's line up over a mile and half, race for another 2 while trying to crash into the boat infront. 4 days in a row. Yes, it is as stupid as it sounds.

Dudes, Dudettes and NB Dudicons, Good Morning and welcome to monday! Sucks, doesnt it? Well it shall suck no more, because episode 3 of The Fragile Tower is out NOW. Cheer all of us up by giving it a read, a rate and a share. Thanks. You look great, really rocking the thing on your bottom half. x

holy crap, I actually finished episode 3 tonight! I 'll give it the once over in the morning after a nights sleep, but I'm quite happy with it. Dynamic enough for a speech laden episode.

Thank you Space Coyote.

Great thing about is you are never short of things to do, potentially panic about. I've watched my sport today, i've spent time with the boy, I watered the garden. Small space coyote on my shoulder whispers "finish the damn comic ya big dingus! the next ep is out tomorrow."

I listen to the space coyote.

I'm watching the NPR gig from Rakim, and its so off the hook, there aren't any hooks left. Or something. They are the coolest.

Dear old Steve Ditko is dead. To honour him, go finish that comic that you have been working on, get it out there in any way shape or form and try and fill that Ditko-less, Kirby-less, Moebius-less (etc...) hole that exists. More please people.

An i've just noticed the very cute Mastodon throwing a paper airplane on the desktop setup, underneath the toot box. In a Jonathon from Queer Eye voice "It's SO ADORABLE!"

Episode 3 is looking FINE! Even if it is a lot of people sitting around talking at each other. The action is coming, but for now we watch and wait

random ask:

does anyone have a broken orignal NES? guts aren't needed, just the outer case (and really only the top). doesn't have to be functional, etc. DOES need to have the little cartridge door and needs to be, like, not broken in half etc.

if there are any hoarders who want to get rid of theirs, I need to get one to use as sort of a prop for my wedding in a few months.

I'll pay, I just don't want to legit buy a used Nintendo because I just don't need it.

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