Dear @Gargron : Just a happy little Mastodon. Thank you for all the work and please have an awesome week :)

@yo @mexpat
Lol nope. Handprinted with 3D Pen, I guess the PLA is nontoxic. But it will probably hurt your teeth ^^

@delanji lovely lil :mastohi: did ya make it w a 3Doodler? That’s a great sculpture :make_like_edmonia: @Gargron


Polaroid 3D pen. And paper tissue for the skeleton :)

And thank you <3

Polaroid 3D pen and wood PLA / brown PLA. Paper tissue for the skeleton :) thank you <3

@delanji @Gargron das sieht halt echt aus wie Schoki und Karamell :D

Aber ICH werd immer mit verfressen assoziiert...
:D <3

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