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The UK airline system had a "Serious Incident" last year because their IT system was programmed to treat adult passengers as children if they used "Miss" as their titles


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Presentamos la que impartirá Helena Amaral, aka Santamarcanda, en titulada "Una mirada a Wikipedia". Santamarcanda es activista del colaborando con @Wikipedia@twitter.com @eswikipedia@twitter.com

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just submitted a workshop proposal for @foss4g@twitter.com 2021! :D

Call for proposals close 19 April, 23:59 Argentina Time (UTC - 3).

Submit your proposal NOW! 2021.foss4g.org/call-for-paper

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She is @underdarkGIS@twitter.com and is one of our 🥳
Anita is a scientist at the AIT. QGIS PSC member. Creator of MovingPandas. Author of “Learning QGIS” & “QGIS Map Design” and the OSGeo Sol Katz Award 2020 winner👏🏻
You can find out more about her work on anitagraser.com

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The power of putting bullshit on your profile to detect automated emails 😎

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Problems people on Twitter think women in tech face, vs the problems women in tech actually face

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Entre 1972 y 1973, Margaret Burbidge se convirtió en la primera mujer en dirigir el Real Observatorio de Greenwich. Pero, en contra de lo que era la norma habitual, no fue nombrada astrónoma real, algo que suele ser automático desde que se fundó el observatorio en el siglo XVII.

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Save the Date: In dieser am 14. April nehmen @myfear@twitter.com und @delawen@twitter.com unter die Lupe, wie das Integrationsframework und die Methodik zur Unterstützung von bereitstellt. red.ht/31vMs5v

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Estamos muy emocionados de saber cómo van a aplicar la tecnología FOSS a sus proyectos. Ahora tienen más tiempo para pensar en una idea innovadora y creativa.
No olviden enviar su propuesta🤓

@OSGeo@twitter.com @GeoLatinas@twitter.com @openlayers@twitter.com

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Would you like to present at @ApacheCon@twitter.com? Call for presentations is open for two @TheASF@twitter.com conferences. Share your knowledge and ideas in the Software Integration space on the Integration track. More details here: camel.apache.org/blog/2021/03/

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Interrumpo la programación para deciros que acabo de ver un carril enorme, otro pequeño, y una cochinilla con un caracol diminuto encima en plan músicos de Bremen.

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