all things i do in life i do solely to avoid doing other things

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internal monologue 

BRAIN: mastodon sure is nice. There are all these nice folks that are like minded that are engaging with you. that's good. that feels good
BRAIN: too bad all of them are better than you and you don't deserve any of them and they're all gonna figure that out shortly enough

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how long before everybody’s assigned NSA agent finds their mastodon? the government is about to discover our terrible secret: we’re all depressed.

to anyone that’s done therapy, what makes for a good therapist? i’ve had a few sessions that have seemed ok (and it’s just a $30 copay for her office), but idk what my expectations should be for quality of care.

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if communism's so good how come 'right' means 'correct' and 'left' is what my wife did

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at 500 followers ill post my social and credit card information.

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*trys to fave a toot as it flies away*
*tries again, clicks someone else's profile*
*Follows a stranger, accidentally DMs most recent search history"

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yeah i got a welfare work requirement for you son it’s called “do your freaking chores”

we used to eat cookies, now we just get tracked by them damn

boost your own toot if you think it’s an idea who’s time has come

press backlash has been unreal since aoc banned phone weasels from public meetings

live in the moment
they call it the present because it’s a gift

maybe i’ll try a pop punk angle?

pop punk has been good and will remain good for the foreseeable future

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