Technology that can come to existence, will come to existence. However, as we put our skills to making devices come to life, the only way we can eliminate surveillance is by building privacy into its core, not as an afterthought.

Is anyone on fediverse familiar with models that are friendly with , sustainable growth? We build monitoring and experience solutions for hospitals and I would like as much ownership to be in as possible, while still creating a valuable, for-profit business.

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Have you ever noticed the similarity between an table and an indoor wall? They both have periodic holes for mounting arbitrary constelations of elements that bounce light or limb toward a target

Just listened to Eveline Butchatskiy, managing partner of a fund investing in immigrant entrepreneurs.

There's a reason why many immigrants are successful in . They are the types of people that buy a one way ticket and manage to make it in an absolutely unfamiliar environment.

Join me and other fantastic entrepreneurs from diverse industries and backgrounds at TAWF Youth Forum tomorrow at MIT. We will discuss if entrepreneurship is a viable choice for teens, especially for those about to begin their careers. (Hint: It is.)

Legendary biologist Edward Wilson, discoverer of over 450+ species at :

- To conserve the most species, aims to reserve 50% of earth for nature.

- Abondon any idea of terraforming Mars immediately, if we are to find alien species.

Combine STEM with Art and Design.

- Dava Newman, former Deputy Administrator of NASA at

I'm in Boston to attend Space^2 workshop at Media Lab today. At Ouva we work on interfaces and sensors to make physical environments active participants of health. The space frontier, as always, will enable solutions to this problem not only in heavens, but also down on earth.


Question: What do you say to your friends that may work in Facebooks and Googles? I find myself often just avoiding the topic unless it's brought up, while I'm totally comfortable on social media. @aral

I get the same excitement and sense of empowerment when I launch Mastodon as I did in early days of Twitter. While the spirit of Mastodon and values it promotes cannot be compared to those of a corporation, that is exactly what excites me about this new iteration of network topology. If Twitter was able to accomplish so much with limited independence given its users, I can only imagine what community and conversation Mastodon and its underlying technologies will enable.

One of my goals for 2018 is to replace my apps with tracking-free alternatives when available. Switched to wire, DuckDuckGo, uBlock Origin and Fastmail a while back.

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@aral Depends what you mean by 'bought'. They got $20 million from Google Ventures not long ago.


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