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@demonsthenes13 oh sweety... you can't keep em in a sack. I'll see if I can get a good sturdy trunk that will hold em

I want to thank you for thinking of me and tagging me when you saw things...that was very sweet :blobcatcoffee:

love to build deep lore around my horror candy

Kirby has his own version of the Hero's Journey, unique to him, in which the same events repeat but he learns nothing

1. Kirby has a picnic, or perhaps is napping

2. an unknowable and ancient eldritch evil makes Kirby drop his sandwich, or disturbs his sleep

3. Kirby single-mindedly destroys the evil, oftentimes making cute friends along the way

4. victorious, Kirby returns to his leisure

Tentacles, death, old gods and eldritch beings, love my girlfriend.

You’d think that’s some wild stream of consciousness but it’s all the same thing tho.

Starting a baby neck garment collection to own the bibs.

the main reason i want to learn arabic is to read 1001 arabian nights and the wealth of arabic poetry

i have the body of a god... too bad it's the body of christ, and is constantly being chopped up into 100000s of little cardboard circles and fed to old people!! my life is a waking nightmare

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