@demonsthenes13 The cephalopods are finally invading the land. I, for one, welcome our tentacled overlords.

@demonsthenes13 It’s something between a mushroom and an Alien Facehugger... 😱

@demonsthenes13 Is it edible? I just picture the scene of myself running in the kitchen trying to catch this semi-sentient mushroom from outer space, that refuses to become part of my salad, and fights with me with his bloody tenctacles 😅

@demonsthenes13 @Ca_Gi I always wondered when I was a child who found out whether mushrooms were poisoning or not.

Australian aboriginal people don't eat mushrooms so there are huge numbers here that no one knows their status....

@blankideogram @Ca_Gi actual edible mushrooms bruise a reddish brown and toxic mushrooms usually bruise a yellow color

@demonsthenes13 @Ca_Gi I didn't know that, but presumably it's not a watertight certainty anyone would trust their life to....

@blankideogram @Ca_Gi I would advise just growing your own mushrooms tbh rather than galavanting into the wild, obviously...never know what you'll encounter there :blobcatcoffee:

@Ca_Gi @demonsthenes13 Just read about it. It smells of shit and rotting flesh to attract flies so you *might* not want it in the salad anyhow.

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