What are some decent dark (and flat) themes for Cinnamon/GTK? I am having the worst time finding any that aren't super glossy-looking.

@denjin I was thinking of VimixDark but the main window panel areas are still white, which is not good for me.

@denjin One of the bigger issues I'm running into to is that I have GTK3 2.22, which is not compatible with prior-version themes... and most seem to be for GTK3 3.20.

@bottitytto @denjin See if you can get into xmonad. Otherwise, Gnome 3. I don't like the old GTK very much.

@Gargron @denjin xmonad is on my list to try, but so far Cinnamon has been the most comfortable for my workflow.

@bottitytto @gargron @denjin Gargron do you confuse Cinnamon with Mate? Anyway i love the Arc themes - for the Shell i had Numix ArchBlue most of the time - before i switched to #awesomewm ... and to #i3wm later

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