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:space_invader: I'm an alien and I ball every day of my life!

Oh yeah, I'm denjin#11833 and I'm normally playing hearthstone on linux so if you want me to switch over to join just message me. I play on NA/EU

TIL the "New Jersey Autism Registry" is mandatory.

NJSA 26:2-187, all health care professions must report a diagnosis of ASD in children residing in NJ from birth to age 22.

(You can omit name/address, but still. :grimacing: )

Hi new users! Please remember to read our user guidelines & just be good to one another!

hi, when i become gabe newell i think i'm going to license Depression Quest from Zoe Quinn and rerelease it under the title "Half-Life 3." Whole press conference about how DQ would *canonically* be HL3, forever.

more elaboration because i really want people to check this out even if its just for a second: I'm streaming vaporwave albums alongside weatherstar 4000 simulations


1. grass grows
2. birds fly
3. sun shines
4. genji needs healing

will setting my text editor to a bright yellow/orange color theme sort out my seasonal affective disorder and vitamin D deficiency

Google: gee whiz this sha-1 collision is really gonna fuck up the internet more than anything else today
Cloudflare: hold my beer

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