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I want an emoji next to my name but idk which one? Floppy disc maybe?

Sammie Fact: I love stuffed animals. My favorite one is a stuffed owl named owliver my fiancee got me.

@slimekat I wanna celebrate aeries birthday!!! Also if puyoteto has online we should play

*richard stallman voice*
uh, the correct name is "GNU/BDSM"

it's trans visibility day
hi, I'm a trans girl
give me money so I don't starve, thanks

If you want to contribute code, here are things we need/want: Twitter/Masto crossposters, things to make Masto instance setup easier, iOS clients, Android clients, Mac/Win/Linux clients, custom CSS themes to load via userstyles

Others have said this, but it's important so I will say it again. Mastodon is what you make it, and this community has been good because we try to be good people. Please do your best to be a good person and learn from others.

according to Egyptian Book of the Dead, when u die they weigh all of the code you've written minus the code you've deleted and if it's heavier than a feather they feed your soul to a crocodile

Ah yes twitter fucked up again so here we go,

I'm Sammie, I'm your stereotypical nb (he/him or she/her but i really do love female pronouns since i'm amab) tech dork. I like playing with Linux and video games. I'm on the autism spectrum and have some pretty intense anxiety and depression issues, which limits me to a private account. You can totally follow me though, if you like the word "cyberpunk" you will probably enjoy following me.

Hi hello to mastodon dot social, premiere home of queer game devs, i think. my account is private but feel free to shoot me a follow request and ask me any questions about the service or who's worth following, since i've been around here awhile.

the most important thing about mastodon though: see awoo, say awoo.

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