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Katerina and her 4 kittens now enjoy more spacious accommodations than the Havahart trap where they spent a couple nights.

Included are Katerina's grandchildren, Felix and Felice (13 wks), also sired by the dumpster forager extrordinaire Mr. Whiskers.

The Checkers Pieces ended up being cut with a 3" hole saw (pilot drill bit removed) out of 3/4" spruce.

imo people complaining about how "average computer users" can't use linux usually ignore that "average computer users" can't really use Windows or OS X either.

Inside of you are two wolves

One has an unknown position
The other has an unknown velocity

The wolves are both really small, welcome to physics class

lmao good, that’s the sound of the guillotines sharpening in the distance dipshits

English artist Vanessa Bell’s book cover designs for (her sister) Virginia Woolf’s texts (1920s-30s) #womensart

Argentinian artist Marta Minujín's monumental replica of the Greek Parthenon created with 100,000 copies of banned books, to symbolizes the resistance to political repression #womensart

going to the lean in group at the office and being profoundly disappointed


Three things that must be stopped:

Eating red meat

Buying bottled water

Listening to Joe Rogan

That's for coming to my Ted Talk.


ICE (+) 

Also at the 22nd European Police Congress:

Wolfgang Sobotka, President of the Austrian National Council, just praised China for not having any inhibitions and successfully ignoring data protection when analyzing citizens.

I'm just speechless.


Reminder, just because a Kamala Harris fan has a young woc as their avi doesn't mean they're not actually a rich old white lady who stole a photo from a deceased black woman's facebook/instagram account. 😬


Having fun isn't hard! When you've got a library card!

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