We launched the new docs.wasabiwallet.io earlier this week. We are not just providing docs for wasabi, but trying to also present information about privacy in in general.
Just getting started with that, but I think this will turn into a really nice resource in the near future πŸ˜€

there is a peaceful movement,
disassembling the tyranny of money
enforced by centralized institutions,
with libre open source software
making progress every ten minutes.

In case economic topics do not make sense to you and hence are not appealing, it might be because you have been teached keynesesian theory only.
Huge thanks to @stephanlivera for introducing me to the Austrian School and making their theories approachable.

Itβ€˜s in your best interest to operate under the assumption, that no authority will act in your own interest. Donβ€˜t trust, be self-souvereign. As dystopic as it might sound, actually itβ€˜s quite fullfilling: you take on responsibility, think deeper and enjoy personal growth.

Oh boy, am I tired of being upset – and it doesnβ€˜t help with anything anyways. We will have to fix things not with politicians, but despite of them. Vote with your feet and choices: it matters who you get your energy from, how much meat you eat and whether you cycle or drive.
These are three low hanging fruits everyone can start acting on today: none of that is black and white, each choice offers a spectrum everyone can ease into improving his personal footprint.

@halfbyte GitHub just does not give a fuck about third-party devs. Would never build anything on their or anyone elses platform again. Waste of time.

Dipping your toe into personal souvereignity you will reach a point of no return rather sooner than later. At first you’ll feel like a conspiracy theorist; soon to be followed by being ashamed of how you entrusted the whole system in the first place.

My full node dashboard is progressing: Invoices and payments for the are now also a part of the feature set. Hope I can open source it at the end of this week 🐝

Looking for book recommendations to learn . I already know JavaScript, Ruby and Elixir quite well, so Iβ€˜d appreciate something not too basic. Thanks!

My favorite part of the interview (starting at 38:10): @nvk explaining the @COLDCARDwallet features – thatβ€˜s pretty nice next-level adverserial thinking shit πŸ‘πŸ»

If you're an avid open-source user who would love to help advance a project, there's a lot you can contribute whether you can program or not:

Provide constructive feedback, file bug reports, improve the documentation or help out maintaining the web & social media presence. Spread the word and recommend the projects you love to others (btw, I run Arch πŸ˜‚)

Say "thank you" and tell developers to "keep up the great work". That form of contribution means a lot more than you could possibly imagine.

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