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-There is no greater political or moral hypocrisy than being hailed as a successful mundane leader yet being revered as some theocratic oligarch and that mundane role being a source of abuse and imposing that cult.

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-How many of your people are dying and how many more embryos will be needed? I'm ready to help when your side is ready, but I need more stable conditions and our sides will handle the rest. The souls of the sick will be safe with us.

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-We'll only accept those who fought on the side of my very own issues as our citizens, those that did not & want to break in saying I am like someone else aren't welcome.

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-Some inscription I'd rather is engraved on the entrance of our legislature facility: "All legislators are on the side of our nation & country, not rivals of their opponents".

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No book extract: Maybe you may think I'm not a real writer but I've really got a manuscript I couldn't promote to publish although I'll either introduce it as a foreword and place it as a work of a certain era or will go through and modify it: Registration Number TXU001572119

-Depending on nature of the crime and sentence, the command may install a ban for weekend pass and they should all serve on ground service with no access to abandonment of the planet or the post.

-As long as not committed first degree murder or instigated anyone for the same, anyone that wasn't convicted of treason deserves to be protected by the military with whom served as sibling at arms before.

-Anyone that has a history of serving in our military, unless guilty of murder in first degree or sexual harassment of any kind can demand being re-enlisted or re-commissioned in Mississippi with same rank before discharge for as much as the duration of the sentence instead of serving in penal continent, but will never get any promotion and his good behavior will be overseen by their COs and reported to parole commission.

-Although my accomodations will be at disposition of those saving me, I'll renew my demand that the minimum standard for that should be like where I had to walk away in the following weeks of that scandal, with place negligible ss long as I will be safe amd financially stsble.

-Do I seem like the gentleman in waiting for spoiled hoes? Get rid off that in particular that's known around as the incarnate of their founding leader of decades ago. My house and spiritual followers shouldn't suffer seeing me like this.

-I'm order to cancel a contract they may attempt to find a flaw in any of my works again as they did through a reaction of some incidents, prepare to fire at will.

-If I am the leader then my income and means for sustaining my life are to be protected and augmented by our state through any way or means at their disposition and if there'll ever be any sort of breach or violation against these, this must to be regarded as a problem of national security and public interest.

-Any breach of myprivacy without a solid financial return to my own self as social security and stable income should be regarded as a prison inmate monitoring system, which makes those responsible for such broadcast legitimate military targets and they be treated as such.

-That country, the existence of which did have a negative impact over me, my house, my people and the rest of the world. They not only support the hindrances but also have worsened my conditions deliberately in order to force me to them. How can I ever feel safe before them since they've never been friendly at all? They're manifest enemies that supported my oppression and persecution over here.

-Not telling any of this because I am at a bargain with the people among whom I am a pariah but the people hating themselves and saying they're of different roots so thet can turn their back on that entity however when I wanted that based on my actual lineage or those that intended to adopt me, they brutally suppressed me with order of their master pact. Hence I never wish to live among such but live among the people that'll accept me & won't ever urge me to those things they wanted to.

-Now telling this in order to show a will to intervene to any state but if the country I live in is part of my congregation then they shouldn't have to nag for my mundane leadership or any criteria of some pertaining to it. I'll state my opinion when need be but her followers can always say their secularism will be compromised assuming they don't idolize their founder for religious motives.

-The process should quicken in some matters with little advance for a while, thus since it's known that our nation's ladies as well as my own daughters serving have given them instructions, they may resort to military tactics if they feel like making a move. The greatest challenge is to cripple artificial hindrances standing on the way. Let me be aware of the outcome when it's all done so I won't sit here like an inmate on death row for my youth & health to fade.

-There is profound dark humor in someone being hailed a spiritual leader but failing to see me as her test and avoiding me to be raised by others or at least lobby for me to be raised with rights and means she for any reason failed to deliver to me as my mother. She could've chosen fgm and could've become a better nun too.

-Will my followers deprive me of the damage of injustice their games have done onto me as well as violating my privacy without a return?

-Yet since contributing to culture and tongue of a country, aside the admiration for the culture and the tongue mentioned will be an occasion of naturalization, even if I would still go to another country, I'd welcome it.

-I'm not in favor of this campaign with its reasons and results to be associated with some documents sought & the quest conspired to be suppressed, especially with awareness on how life is here and what sorts of risks lie ahead, was I to accept what they asked from me. Thus, despite being a long shot, if there should be anything so, it should also be stated that it's prequel of new regime's official documentation, till bureaucracy & mint will be institutionalized fully.

-I too expected a savior, someone to help me in my darkest times, but nobody came to my rescue so I became my own champion. In return the place I was stranded in and those that meant nothing but poor living conditions in a horrible, fake world to me have to be their own champions. This is my way of telling them to go to hell, after all the hellish times they made me go through, which by the way may not yet have been over.

-They literally bought weapons from the opposing league, so I am quite sure they can bend the alliance rules for me.

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