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No book extract: Maybe you may think I'm not a real writer but I've really got a manuscript I couldn't promote to publish although I'll either introduce it as a foreword and place it as a work of a certain era or will go through and modify it: Registration Number TXU001572119

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No book extract: The Prologue the prequel of them all for the whole written series are of which I did share extracts from. There can be a prequel to the novel series in form of comics but the basis of the series will remain as The Prologue. This piece will seem like a narration of the history of the mentioned characters and their society.

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No book extract: I also share some samples on bird site, hoping it won't cause any infringements.

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If there are any texts you read that don't make sense to you, they are quotes or paragraphs from my sci-fi book series. Yes, I want to get my books published.

-Southern Air Force have 20 fleets? How awesome.
-Do you have any idea how large this galaxy is? Before their war, we only had 14 and they barely were enough to keep the space between the planetary orbits safe. Now there are 20 & thanks to mines like this in our planets and all the wreckage of vessels recycled in Arlington can those fleets keep operating.

No book extract: While those who follow the posts in this site could be enchanted by the stories taking place in far away territories beyond the stars in planets we can only see through giant telescopes and satellites navigating across the space, we ought to know that these are places most of us will possibly never see in their lifetime. My goal when I wrote these was not having been able to dwell in places I wanted to live in so perhaps the reader while feeling these would also get how I feel.

Stick with your band's traditions and enjoy leaving a legacy when we'll be the superpower that exceeds beyond this planet to real planets.

-As a Texas Ranger, I have to arrest you two but during the war I became a Johnny Reb and a Johnny Reb never does wrong to another Johnny Reb. Since the girl says she wasn't abducted & you showed what you sent each other, I'll tell the others I haven't seen anyone. Take five and head for opposite direction. They chase the cop car, let the boy and the girl go, nobody will notice them. You'll meet them after you ditch the chasers.

--The Black Hoods in the interior, The Black Fleet in the exterior.

-Would you like to offer us drinks, soldier boys?
-Sorry ladies, I'm engaged.
-Yeah, he's engaged.
-I can always use a drink with you Sarge.
-I'll keep that in mind.
-Yeah, I'd better get going, better not keep CO's daughter turned fiance wondering where I've been.
-You tell it's like she's ugly, dude.
-Nope, she's one of her kind. Bye, George.
-See you, Hank. Send my regards to Patricia.

-I have to get back without y'all, wife and daughter must've missed me I had to go, sorry. You missed the rendezvous, everything okay there Ned?
-Yeah bruh, long story but yeah, everything okay. We'll take another ride.
-Sorry, .
-It's okay Hank. Take care buddy.

-Mr. Secretary, have Southerners and Texans made a secret deal to transfer some of their troops in the guise of desertion?
-That's a ridiculous argument but since it was asked, it'll be answered back. First of all, your compatriots have also deserted and we offered them temporary asylum then International Red Cross took them to Amalphisiland that granted them full asylum, secondly South doesn't do deals behind curtain like your country did after first war's armistice against The South.

No book extract: The samples from yesterday were from the first book of the series.

-This shadow game has long been going on and it's not fun anymore.

-I was born and raised in a country where an assassin was raised to shoot another religion's major clergyman. I am not going to play this game any longer. So either wrap this up, or face its consequences.

-Christians marry in the name of Jesus therefore anyone with the soul of Jesus Christ cannot commit adultery.

-Have I told how I met with Hank, little bro?
-Yeah, a few dozen times before. Dave became your buddy after you busted him. You met Hank while playing pool on PX, Dave finally found you there, asked for your help about that Ancient Kingdoms tenderfoot who didn't pay his debt back. Hank went out with y'all found the guy, brought him to barn and bound him to an unbroken horse and the guy eventually accepted paying back after few seconds.
-Six seconds. And in 20 hours we'll be in Texas for free.

-Hank, meet our bar owner, bartender, former plant security auditor of Western Virginia Miners and Prospectors Guild and of course our magistrate J.D. Evans.
-Corporal Hank Stone, airman and shuttle operator trainee and rodeo cowboy.
-Y'all can drink or are you still on duty?
-Let's have those Texan coke. Off the wreck, unwanted by Norfolk, came for free, so shouldn't cost us a fortune.
-You're breaking my heart now Sarge, first boxes on the house.

Troops of valor, generals of genius are useless, if there are no diplomats that can't get the crap done.

-Poor bastards, while their relatives are waiting when they'll write, record a Holomail© or send them a parcel.
-Not a sight for fainthearted indeed, Cypriot. You get back to the truck, I'll lead the airmen to the wreck as soon as we bury the dead. LISTEN TO ME EVERYONE SOLDIERS & AIRMEN; WE ARE IN HOSTILE TERRITORY, KEEP YOUR EYES WIDE OPEN, YOUR HELMETS ON AND FINGERS ON THE TRIGGER WHILE WE INVESTIGATE & SCUTTLE THE WRECK. SOMEBODY MAN THAT DRONE MONITOR

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