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-I don't give a rat's ass whether they'll be open for me, as long as my heart is closed to them. They haven't even tried to orientate me correctly and provide damages. Does anyone think a few godforsaken pieces of paper will fix all those past years?

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-...The audience should directly
provide fees they are likely to be
paying them to me, in exchange of
which, they'll get free specimen of
my special contribution, though this
does not apply to the ones I met
and-or wish to meet or see again.

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-Regardless of what genetic contribution, anyone, including our very own nation can expect for Y and X chromosomes, which are increasing in the cold, all decisions will be made not only by them but in cooperation with my mother's people aside those far away lands where my soul's hailed as liberator.

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-I haven't made my boldest move yet. I'll be a guinea pig to find a way for the ones dear to me frozen, waiting to come back to life.

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No book extract: Maybe you may think I'm not a real writer but I've really got a manuscript I couldn't promote to publish although I'll either introduce it as a foreword and place it as a work of a certain era or will go through and modify it: Registration Number TXU001572119

-...I could've easily justified being a missionary of my own religion citing to my soul's past steps, but I won't do so because I do not regard this as the duty of a political leader. But as a political leader, I call their spiritual leaders to end this spiritual and moral debacle. It's true that in our nation there won't be too many of their congregation but I am still responsible for the whole dwellers of the globe.

-..And orchestration of everyone to pretend to get everything portrayed differently overshadows the oaths they take for justice. In some countries, there are public juries; can their verdicts be trusted in societies everything concealed and lied upon? This approach must end since it's no longer standing for spiritual sense, conscience and common sense. Spiritual demise brings moral corruption and they should stop this before too late.

-To be honest, I'm not regarding their orders' spiritual leaders as enemies, even though some activities against morals of the global society were provoked by some of their clergymen, which makes this a psychological war and them, its combatants. I am not urging or forcing anyone to convert to my religion, so nobody take this a comment by a shadow or a believer of my faith: Their religion is all about being treated like gossip columns & reality shows on corrupt celebrities.

-...I never have any kind of hatred against the late individual I've had been made shadow of, but in my opinion, if he had suffered some bad things during then, this sure was designated also to happen to me. Their twisted beliefs that arbitrarily make people suffer by no means deserve the shield of democracy, while it clearly strips other people of their democratic rights.

-...From others I can claim reparations but about this case, I'll neither say anything in terms of what to be done or give orders about it, wishing to see what the public opinion feels like doing about this case. And as for others that forcefully tried to suppress me or had neither accepted me but ordered my punishment, I want to have a say to the ones that elected them, while most things are done for satire so can this be though but oppression of rights is no democracy, neither choice of such.

-I don't ever ask from the country I was born in or to the citizen of to get the ones I had applied for job 17 years ago or the government not coming up with a formal statement over who I really was and why I was not informed about my rights then, especially with so many of my rights violated as I was trapped by people here while others I applied for lied to me and shown clear enmity against me.

-Any member of that religion ever persistent in this will have a first hand experience of what it was like to be thrown into an arena to die in hands of ferocious beasts.

-I'm not going to wear a goddamn sailor uniform or anything to do with that god-damned country, where my life seemed not only as punishment of my past lives' achievements bit also being torn away from my family ties, with no respect to the religion I chose. I never felt as though I am a slave and it was I that helped myself fist. As a famous saying goes, 'only the slaves wait for others to save them'. I waited long enough before I thought outside the box and set my own self free.

-... However, I expect to get their state and constitution to reflect my principles. This will be the administrative reflection of my own blood running in the veins of the majority.

-I am a soul quite precious and as a person I do have very sophisticated skills to build any state or alliance with or without my children participating. Therefore it's ridiculous to say I am hiding behind my own sons. This fact is also the reason why I don't expect them to make me a leader for a lifetime. The oldest ones born 33 years ago and all having grown up well is solid enough to show I'm not urged to oversee them as a political leader a lifetime.

Everyone mourns for the liberties they had before lockdowns but nobody ever felt or had any true sympathy for the ones that were in lockdown well before because of physical disabilities, oppression, poverty and discrimination in public. Haven't they felt much the same before? If this won't help anyone understand what they felt, ask yourselves what will.

-I've always wondered how come I wasn't told of my past while my quest was hijacked. The highest authority could've explained the truth and enlightened me but did not, I always wondered why then I found out. He was busy arranging his lies he would tell everyone while he would justify his dirty wars.

-These people literally played god and where are the representatives of god to criticize and ask for their condemnation or sentence? Aren't we doing what they already should've done?

-They took away the ones I'd rather live around me and live to see my glories and left me with those that obstruct and stand against them and still ask why our nation is claiming their lives?

-I declare 10 Satoshis over the head of L.H.C. the sister. I don't care historical or religious motives, since I'm not to lead here anyway,. I want this be completed in a week. If there'll be any authority to obstruct this, the same bounty will be valid for their female relatives too.

-Do not allow anyone that can carry malevolent mai to me. Find a way to stop any such person. All psychological warfare against me or us should count as assault made with weapons and such and must be returned as armed attack's.

-If there are any risks against others that we're not presently at war with, it's up to us to regulate and implement that. The law enforcement of others upon intervention will be treated as illegals crossing our borders; whether they've badges or not.

-I'm not going to forgive anyone that places me in same shoes with a serial killer, who aside for calls of serving under these conditions has adequately shown she's an enemy of our state, so here's a reminder of our future policy against belligerent parties that intend to drag us to their wars where we've no benefits: We take down leaders of both parties and force them to negotiate under our mediation. I'm tired of this .

-Our war of independence should never be overshadowed by the sins of others, as we have to show everyone that our anger and reaction are fair. So having a serial killer in my family that I'm aware or unaware of would be a menace to threaten out ground we stand and goals. We have to dispose such people for our cause to soar.

-Why don't this godforsaken people die and go extinct already? All the world watches me and in the background all of them hear what kind of a pathetic loser people they are, how corrupt and hopeless they are. I swear honored leaders and people would commit mass suicide rather than being embarrassed this way.

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