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Should I begin a Kickstarter campaign with book samples? Do they accept EFT- IBAN because I was shown as a guarantor for debts of parents so I can't apply for a credit card.

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I'll be back with more book quotes. If any publisher out there, I'm looking for a sponsor for my series but I'm also working on a Western and a WW1 era east front book about an émigré that returns to his parents' old country to fight in the deserts and leaves when his country joins the war and heads first to Egypt then home.

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If Mastodon developers will add a feature available in Facebook, "download your data"it'll be great. All my manuscripts are in my head and I'D literally copy and paste them in the order I planned for them in my head so it'd finish sooner.

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Obviously, memes, jokes, news and review links aren't part of the novel series. They look like Pulp Fiction storyline, which is better because I know the pieces of jigsaw 🤣

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If there are any texts you read that don't make sense to you, they are quotes or paragraphs from my sci-fi book series. Yes, I want to get my books published.

Non voglio una spogliarellista per il mio addio al celibato;. la moglie non ufficiale mi aiuterà


Un tipo ha scherzato su che aspetto delle donne e diceva la vita è corta. L'ho bloccato a vedere come lui può soppravivere.

"Anna 'Delvey' Sorokin was my friend. Here's how I helped bring the fake heiress to justice"

Sounds like an interesting article in Italian, but oceans are like deserts. You can't find water anywhere & in some seas, you've got to watch out to pirates just like outlaws could exist in a desert.

I'm planning a stop-motion as soon as I get new figures A sniper to aid a tank crew that can't take down a monster.

Il est logique de se rendre dans ce pays, nous deux. Celui qui y va fréquemment sera celui qui nous présentera des provisions.

Viven tiempos muy largos, su clon será suficiente. Ella es mi trofeo o esa bestia muere.

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