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-I sit on a huge potential that can become the social basic income of our citizens. My works, of which I'll claim a part of it for myself and my estate and spend the rest for all my children and citizens' social security, healthcare and education.

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-From now on, only our laws are valid for us. If any other country wants to impose their laws over us, either by their own or by third party demands, they should prepare for severe retaliation. Even I'm equal with our citizens before our own country's laws.

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-The term 'Southern Issue' actually has a very naughty origin. It's derived from a photo the founder once took.

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No book extract: Maybe you may think I'm not a real writer but I've really got a manuscript I couldn't promote to publish although I'll either introduce it as a foreword and place it as a work of a certain era or will go through and modify it: Registration Number TXU001572119

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No book extract, spoiler alert: The founder in the series will indeed have an extended, almost immortal life. When I'll reach a point I've written enough of this series and there are hordes fans, I'll hand the helm to another gifted author of my choice, but the founder's story could be a spin-off with another series.

-Those that want to keep this campaign expanded because of their ego will be classified as enemy combatants, thus I authorize our government to hunt them down or declare bounty on their heads, as they please.

-...I'll gladly swear in and preside both the mentioned posts, while this will help establish a peace between them and us.

-...Therefore, our own sovereignty should be a beacon of hope for those that were fed up by this illusion, the never ending power struggle of corrupt actors of that system & help us convert that system to be a league of sovereign nations for our kind.

-...While we can never regard something that used force against us and forced us to revolt instead of fair representation and equal rights as something ever useful for us as well as global peace, without ever being imposed to the deceptive yoke that was stalled, for the sake of a heinous game takes place already shows they never intended to be sovereign in the first place. it's quite clear that this system has not ever been functional, beneficial or helpful to us. Now, as I urge the transition of my legitimate title to be given, while there are heaps of problems waiting for a solution, we won't give up on the liberty & sovereignty we practiced in absence of our place in that corrupt system. I'm to assume both roles, as this will also be a safety lock for a lasting armistice and a peace deal between them & us.

-No Southerner, no citizen or any of my issues will ever be persuaded about the scandal that took place over 18 years ago & their system kept stalling me because they said they were incomplete, to the expense of disallowing me to enjoy any birth right I'm eligible for. While each of our citizens & residents are primarily responsible for presidential office to be formally established, my oath to be taken, regardless whether what other political role I've got for the rest of the globe,...

-Having to lose my consciousness while moving from one place to another, or any secret spot rather than an explicit travel or relocation risks usurpation of the reparations I'm eligible for.

Please don't forget to give credit and link to the original source if you post an artwork. It is so easy, very crucial and so helpful.

-With the shift of global power on our side, we can finally get our allies to show their allegiance to us by making the recruitment of their respective military forces all professional starting ASAP.

-We need to clarify those among them that are departing will no longer hold any power to order any operation against me or us.

-...Essential healthcare will be free & our nation will hopefully be a model in universal social security & essential healthcare.

-While global scale trade deals were made and the national producers & workers were taken for granted by the incumbent system, our goal will be to convert that system into an EU style, chiefly economic cooperation system, for it's clear that the present system does not cover the rights of domestic manufacturers and workers. We can devise an emergency state-funding plan to take over social security & non-essential healthcare burden off the firms when there's an economic crisis.

-The military of the houses that constitute the confederacy will not be under command of any other. I'll still act as the commander-in-chief. We'll devise an alliance high command in order to cover our allies. In the meantime, I request the military of my maternal people to classify my present firearm, knives & others in the future as my own registered weapons.

-...As I acknowledged our government to lean on this matter several weeks ago, I also would like to add that our budget should be adjusted for a massive student debt cancellation for the poor and those making a living with their dependents such as unemployed spouses, children, parents, etc.

-As long as the colleges do not come up with guarantee to get a job aside paid internship, I regard it highly unethical and controversial for tuition fees to turn to student loans. Our colleges should be free for most branches and where there's no or few admissions, colleges should have no admission entrance exams. It should be mandatory for college students to receive a second profession training, for rainy days. As for debts, the poor & those having dependents should be forgiven.

-I can still be a donor for those I'll be listed as a relative formally but this should be according to sofa protocol. To put it in a striking example, if my biological mother should want to conceive my children, being still fertile, this would be an IVF, not incest.

-I want our heavier weapons to cover the range of where I live, in case there'll still be an isolation in terms of who to see & what to receive. Ideally, there should be a road between our sector and the crib directly & under our very own control.

-...I, in alphabetical order would like to recommend how they can assign me with the rank they've provided me with, attaché, instructor or observer to us, as I'm sure this will suffice to dim the reaction of at least one constituent of our confederacy. No leader, not even the founder has a right to make arbitrary decisions ignoring the public sentiment, as I request this statement to be taken into account by them, as I salute my kin folk.

-We're living in peculiar times, at least peculiar to us, when even wars, battles, or campaigns are mentioned in a cover-up rather than told as they're. We see their old sacrificing their young for the sake of retaining their status quo, not even giving them a chance to make adjustments as they have longer expectancy than the old. In such a context, with some part of our nation at least, not regarding my kin folk close to them, as I won't state a reprise of it...

-I'm a counsel, even an oracle. I'll help my maternal people in this context, or people in our nation may start to think there could be plans they may not favor, whereas I want to swear in and become the president. Both parties thus should make a plan taking these facts into account.

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