-Why have you thrown The Colors of The Corps, First Sergeant? Are we surrendering now to these thugs?!?
-It’s a tradition of Southern Marines, Consul-General, Sir. Lieutenant-Colonel will bring it back in a few minutes.
-Don’t worry Consul-General; my husband had once beaten twenty thugs no less than this warlord. This is just sweet tea for him as you Southerners say.

No book extract: I am not in favor of hearing scores in movie adaptations of my books. One opening and one closing score to be distributed as single can do. Although I like movie scores I still think they are relics of silent movie era. However composers can work on songs based on scenes as their official videos. But I don't want any songs to be heard while those movies are shown.

No book extract: A flexible matter on writing about future events is that we still have the helm on the pathway to there. And since these are samples posted on social media, prior to being published you can expect changes in names of places, when you'll get a hard copy, paperback or digital copies of these books. The characters will probably remain as they are.

I don't check this profile quite as often now. But the projects introduced are gradually proceeding.

I may be regarded unique in some or many aspects or as a whole but since there has been many like me before, I never considered myself as a man of fate, but here I am and with all my features and properties, I'm ready to assume responsibility, offering a pledge to those who want to be my family, my own people and endure a society. Leadership isn't always saying sweet things or what people want to hear, sometimes you have to be rigid but always with a good reason.

No book extract: These are my works, I'll make changes as I please prior to a contract with a novelist.

-See this girl down there? It won’t be pitch black. It’s going to go for the pinks. It’ll be christened Yuma. Type Tulsa space Destroyer. Built mostly with recycled materials from fallen vessels. Even its power shield is removed from a fallen Texas vessel and weapons from scuttled other ships, a grant from The South to them up there. It’ll be delivered when truce goes official.

-The French prisoners seem to like our company, what do you think Captain Williams?
-Must have been the FOTCO*, sir.
Alright, gentlemen, rules are rules, now you're to be accompanied to the allied beedee barracks until your transfer. Good luck y'all.
-Merci, mon majeur.
-Alors, a toute, gars.
(*)Foreign Troops Commanding Officer Brevet issued to The Southern Army Officers serving with The French and The Texan deserters following the beginning of war.

-Help me put on my FOTCO*, please Miss Cochran. How does it look?
-In good standing Major.

-The organization that keeps stalling me before the sight of everyone and mocks us as a nation effective from today is a first grade military target, fire at will...

-West Point along with Citadel afterwards the establishment of Birmingham had become officer candidate schools and staff officer schools respectively because they were places known to others and didn't offer secrecy enough to raise officers for our purposes. We have no cadets, but enlisted soldiers turning NCO while studying to help grasp the insight of the troops they'll lead.

-Even when newly established, they used to call there The West Point of the South but less than 40 years later, everyone began to call West Point as the 'Oldtimer Birmingjam'.

-There's something called 'The Birmingham Mind', it's a way of thinking unique only to the academy alums. Two hundred years ago, one of us half-Southern, half-French, and an alum serving with the legion was assigned to deliver provisions to a stranded unit in severe dust storm with no chance of air supply. He picked a hill nearby to them vulnerable to landslides tossed a couple grenades & got provisions to reach them through that landslide. French always have chosen our alums for FFL ever since.

-Texas has been banned for 20 years from establishing forces other than those sufficing for their self-defense,. Your country demands us to have a permanent outpost after the performance of our 12 officers and the Italian experience, we decided to recruit Texans not associated to war crimes to form a brigade and station them under the command of Southern officers. Would Flagstaff be a suitable demand for providing an outpost for them?

-A situation that may hurt you may become a laughing material for everyone else around. The crowd will be entertained and the greater good would've benefited. We should give up the ideas imposed to us by phony & superstitious creeds and learn to overcome difficulties in a collective manner.

-Had it never occurred to you to realize that if you can't be allowed to get into a country it's either because they are against you and can be harboring your enemies or they regard you as an enemy against them? It's not and never has been about the money, not for those who put on a lavish show.

--Because of your relationship ties, performing duties I am to perform will sound quite wrong to my people because eventually they'll think it's you who runs this band and your own family to run this state. That tradition exists for absence of the man after he takes one or in my case how many more else. Therefore your discretion was poor & seems distressing in my opinion to my band.

-Southern Air Force have 20 fleets? How awesome.
-Do you have any idea how large this galaxy is? Before their war, we only had 14 and they barely were enough to keep the space between the planetary orbits safe. Now there are 20 & thanks to mines like this in our planets and all the wreckage of vessels recycled in Arlington can those fleets keep operating.

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