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@chest_bot give Unusual, super-black hammer to

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@chest_bot give Above average quality, pin-striped leatherman

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'I love the rain,' he said, closing his eyes and tipping his head up to the sky.


The rain grew harder, flooding his feet. He opened his eyes to a woman surfacing from an inch-deep puddle as if from the depths of the ocean.

Her hair was lank and thick with grit. Her skin was mud-slicked, and her eyes were dark holes in which he could see stormcloud skies. She hung her head, suddenly shy.

'Really.' He held out his hands, and she took them.

#MicroFiction #Fantasy #TootFic #writing

I've been wondering, all these products sold with big "Proudly made in <country you live in>" labels, does anyone else avoid those as much as possible?

I know what the average Brit is like and fuck off do I expect them to make anything that actually works

Wisst ihr, was mir hier grad so gar nicht fehlt? Dieses ahgucktmalwiehübschichbinkaffeetassendekolletéunddeepguckgedöns. Hübsch sind wir hier alle und anscheinend wissen wir das auch. Mag ich!!

Trying to find people to follow from these disciplines:
- #security
- #crypto
- #decentralization
- #p2p
Not many people from my Twitter list here. Appreciate I your help!

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