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So I think a new is in order given the new influx of people.

Hey there! My name is Derek and I live in . Closed captioning pays the bills, but is how I get my thrills. I write film criticism and make podcasts and edit stuff. You can find a good chunk of it at

I also post about my and and and and (disproportionately about Bob Seger for some reason) but mostly I just like putting odd sentences together.

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- copywriting/copy editing
- translation (🇬🇧↔️🇫🇷)
- film history and criticism
- subtitling/closed captioning
- the fundamentals of podcasting
- wrestling appreciation
- Magic: The Gathering 101
- real basic graphic design stuff, like posters and such
- shooting the shit
- your garden-variety chorin' [local only]

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you should definitely follow me over at @derek

it's where nearly all of my shenanigans go down now

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Denizens of and people of the Greater Fediverse!

Join us on Saturday October 6th at 2200-UTC as we collectively watch the 1985 sci-fi juggernaut Back to the Future.

Details and event artwork will be forthcoming. #BackToTheTooture

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Do you miss my shenanigans? Follow me over at @derek, where I'm rooting up a storm

Do you miss my shenanigans? Follow me over at @derek, where I'm rooting up a storm

All right, friends, we're going to go into Phase 1 of Operation: Laserdisc Party House Party, where I use my account on my own instance (aka as my primary.

So if you like what you've seen here on .social, follow me over at to keep seeing it!

Hey hey, it's Sad Country O'Clock. Here's the saddest country song of all time, courtesy of George Jones.

Weird question: does anybody know of a daily draw tarot bot in the Greater Fediverse?

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cant believe someone would be mean on the internet

I just did something highly scientific with the help of guinea pig @derek_g.
You (the admin) can silence an instance but still see everything your friends on that instance are doing. #SCIENCE

@Julia hey there Julia what's up, it's me, Derek. From the Internet.

It bears repeating: hate peddlers are not Party People

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