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Time for some re-.

Hey y'all! My name is Derek. I write subtitles for a living, and I write about for funsies. I also talk about movies for funsies on my podcast. Actually, you can find links to most of the shit I do at

Going over my toots, I seem to talk about a lot (mostly about albums your dad probably likes), but there's other stuff like , my , and the weirder/more esoteric side of .

🇨🇦 ♓️ 🤘

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Being nervous the day before starting a new job is the adult version of being nervous the day before starting school

Good afternoon, Elephant Riders, I've downloaded 106 hours of podcasts onto my phone

I mean, the interview is the where you get clarifications about hours and benefits and wages, so I don't want to put the cart before the horse, but that was uh... not super heartening to hear

the good news: I have an in-person interview tomorrow

the bad news: "we can't promise you consistent full-time work after June"


so uh...

your boy's got a phone interview tomorrow for a captioning job

LP meta Show more is down for the moment while our host sorts some stuff out re: the upgrade. We'll be back in no time.

OK, so there is a problem with the new version of the database. I am working on it. Sorry about the downtime.

I don't want to sell shit I just want to make the world legible

A 21st century riddle: why are all the copywriter jobs in marketing?

Here's a cool one from a while back: someone named Mark Davis uploaded a bunch of in-store PA tapes from Kmart circa '88-'92.

Currently jamming the Harold Budd/Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois team-up The Pearl (1984). A chill album for a chill holiday Monday. #np #nowplaying #fediplay

sorting through this rat king of browser bookmarks I've compiled over the years

So I downloaded OBS so now I can stream stuff! Huzzah!

chipped nail polish
a white swan
fathers, children

I've hooked up a new-to-me PC and I'm really really tempted to start my digital music collection from scratch.

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"royal wedding" anagrams to "yowling dread"

#OOTD: Fully Lebowski'd Out (An Emulation), Part II (A "Joke" at My Own Expense) Show more

#OOTD: Fully Lebowski'd Out (An Emulation) Show more