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I guess are in order.

My name is Derek Godin. I'm a writer based in Montreal, focusing mainly on . I also write closed captions for a living. I help run a little film criticism website called Dim the House Lights ( and have a mad irregular called Stuck In the Middle With You (

Other things I will likely yammer about include, but aren't limited to, , , and .

Let's kick some ass.

The only reason I didn't put Tarkus or Trilogy in there is... well, let's just say a lot of great bands were putting out epochal work in the early 70s.

The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that the one ELP album that made that list of mine was Brain Salad Surgery, but it just as well could have been Tarkus or Trilogy, all those albums cook.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer's '70-'73 run passes the Five Album Test if and only if you include Pictures at an Exhibition, and why the hell wouldn't you?

Whose god did I please to merit waking up to a timeline full of people talking about prog rock, pan-European pirate metal and kimchi?

Good morning y'all, I just now got that the "Karn Evil" in "Karn Evil 9" was supposed to be a play on "carnival," what with "the show that never ends" and all that

here and in the distance
another door

Also this list could be like half wrong tomorrow

two constraints on this list:
no artist or group can have more than 4 albums, and no year can have more than 6

in time the words will vanish
first from you
then from Slack because like hell I'm sinking seven bucks per person per month for the privilege of looking up old shit
and then from me

spring moon
a finger writes
the trail of a snail

after the burial
old water wheel turning
only violets remain

Sound label of the day today is also my nom de wrestling: [SPHYGMOMANOMETER PUMPS]

Maybe watching a doc about the horrors of the Vietnam War first thing in the morning was a bad call.

LB: Danny Elfman is the big name in Oingo Boingo, but Steve Bartek is one of the great unsung new wave guitarists and a hell of a composer in his own right.

New Wave Titans: How Oingo Boingo, which began as a theatre troupe, forged an endearing legacy and launched the career of one of the most popular film composers of our time.

I have never had to type up a more unpleasant sound label than [JACK-IN-THE-BOX LAUGHS MANIACALLY]

when the trumpets come in
like a heat lamp on your skin