If anyone having trouble decrypting volumes on thier nas after an upgrade.
Just try only using the first 32 characters of your password.
Apparently you can only use 32 characters passwords, why did longer password work before? How should I know.

And this is a recommendation if you looking for a nas don't buy a qnap. Thats the second time a software update broke stuff for me.

I'm using KDE for the first time. I like the visuals. But for window management I still prefer the Gnome workflow.

I send to much time in vim recently. Just pressed cw a couple of times in my eMail program, to change a word. I was wondering why nothing was happening.😅

Extension.libreoffice.org can't be opened in Microsoft edge browser.
Why should you if you can use Microsoft products.

Broadcom WiFi with Ubuntu is still a pain in the ***. It breaks on updates and you need to reinstall it using a USB stick and coping the .deb file.

Randomly browsing thru different apps and finding the music app. 10 minutes later my own music streaming service is set up.

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Die neue Version der E-Privacy-Verordnung liest sich in einzelnen Abschnitten wie eine Parodie eines bauernschlauen Lobbyistentexts: Datenschutz wird bloße Ermessenssache fm4.orf.at/stories/2999336/ #ePrivacy

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This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

Had a change to test my new camera. For a ten year old piece of hardware I'm impressed.

Man merkt das man im richtigen Bezirk richtig wohnt, wenn die Partei vor der afd liegt.

Huawei and Google shows once again why centralized services are a bad idea.

Well qnap managed to brake NFS with their latest firmware update. How can this happen on dedicated NAS hardware.
Everything works after a firmware downgrade. Still building a NAS myself may have been the better solution.

Bad security practice.
hvv.de disables pasting of passwords on account creation or password change.
This makes using a strong password with a password manager close to impossible.

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