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Just an FYI, I will always link to archives of articles instead of directly because Medium is garbage.

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anyone else low-key annoyed at the fact that animated gifs have been nearly totally replaced by actual video files that everyone just calls gifs?

:birdsite: /glinner / transphobia 

it was the year 2060 AG* and cis is illegal, gender having long been abolished after the chromosome wars of 2040. join our heroine rebecca womensgood on her journey to defeat the transgender empire and restore gender to this world

*after gender

Hatred against the Pope. 

Fuck the Pope.

Trans Internet Security Risk 

Big scary security side eye at the new Trans Browser Extension "Shinigami Eyes" which encourages trans people to tag pages as "trans friendly" and "anti trans".

Have already seen trans friends on social media have their pages on like facebook etc tagged. This can be done by anyone. It turns text links green or red respectively. So basically we're outting each other? Surely a huge dataset of trans people is incredibly stupid and dangerous?

Regarding Daily Dot's "Mastodon is apolitical" take 

Politics should not be the core discussion of every platform. People should be able to participate in social environments without constant exposure to the stress that is our political environment. That's what CWs are for - not to keep politics out, but to make engaging with politics require consent.

Just saw this posted to the transgenderuk subreddit

My preferred pronoun is ') DROP TABLE 'gender';


If you try to convince me that adblocking is against my own interests in the way that many have before, what you might not fully understand is that I *do not care* if the entire commercial web goes belly-up. It'll be a blessing if it ever does, and couldn't happen too soon.
This is not just me getting tired of annoying ads, this is a rational and premeditated decision that I'm not going back on. Fuck advertising.

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pretty much every weird shitty backwards feature windows has can be explained with "However, for application compatibility reasons,"

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technology bad, youtube rofl jesus youtube content id is such a hellscape

The internet used to be a city: it had its weird bohemian districts, its flea markets, its high-rises and back alleys. Now it's just a shopping mall, and I miss my old city so much

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Another pizza box computer case with a keyboard garage. This one is directly inspired by Amiga computers and actually can be used with certain lines of Amiga computers as well as Raspberry Pis.

I really care about privacy, that's why I use linux, I won't use gmail, and I have never had a facebook account.
Oh, my home interface? I have an alexa and smart meter with apps running everything..

On the upside, I got some nice clothes for Christmas/Birthday, including my first long skirt. 😍

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I find it fitting that my birthday is in the most depressing month of the year.

y'ever think about how so many web devs' heads ended up so far up their own asses that firefox had to make a dedicated "just discard all the styling so you can actually read it" button

Christmas, Self-Care Failure, mh (-) 

When my Mum kept asking what I wanted for Xmas I just reluctantly said non-specific stuff like "clothes I guess" because I really didn't want them to get me anything. Not because I don't want stuff but because I feel like I don't deserve shit.

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Birthday, Self-Care Failure, mh (-) 

So today (Jan 3rd) was my birthday. I've been given money I probably won't spend, I still have money left over from last year. At some point I just stopped ever buying nice things for myself because I feel like I don't deserve nice things.

Crayola had a line of tech-themed crayons in 1997 called "Techno-Brite"

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