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Anarchist News: **Wearing Black? Feds Say You May Be an Anarchist, Newly Released Documents Show**

"From Daily Beast The Department of Homeland Security told law enforcement how to ID anti-racist protesters—by looking for people who were scouting marching routes. Counterprotesters at white supremacist rallies risk bein…"

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Rape, religious Jewish law 

'“A Comely Woman” is a case in point. A large number of the English readers refused to believe that the question referred to Qarim actually dealt with rape; yet it did.'

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Ok so has open registration, check it out. Let's make the international Jewish conspiracy a thing 🙃

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My partner and I are drawing up an attack tree to figure out how we want to paint our bedroom. #infosec #pickets #antifalife

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subMedia: **TFN #4: PeePee Tapes and Torture**

"This week on The Fuckin News, we peep the possible “collusion” between Trump and Russia and take a look at the repression of Russian anarchists as the fucking FSB tries to invent a fake terrorist cell."

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If an anarchist fights for someone else, but fails to at least offer to build up the other person's skills and confidence to contribute to the fight, then we are acting in a substitutionalist way, as a savior, and failing to live our politics. Anarchists are not here to liberate others. We are here, as workers and tenants and people, to struggle alongside our fellow workers, our neighbors, our fellow sufferers of oppression, and to learn and teach each other in mutual liberation.

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(1/2) From a comrade on FB:

To be an anarchist and organizer is to build up others. It's a process of pedagogy, empowering people around us with lessons from previous struggles so that we can collectively direct our struggles. If we look around our efforts, and find a burned out core of people doing a lot of work, and other people doing very little, this is indicative of a failure to organize as anarchists. is now online! If you're Jewish and want to be on the Jewiest instance in the Fediverse, plotting an end to Capitalism, Nationalism, White Supremacy, etc., dm me :)

Setting up a Mastodon instance for Jewish Leftists. Hmu if you're interested

@hugo I'd like to start an instance on using a subdomain of my own domain. What the procedure I should follow?

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A dear friend of mine is in dire need, and if you have any spare money after Easter spending, any thing would be a big help for her.

She's been harassed out of the jobs she could do, and suffers with PTSD.

Right now we're working on a gameing community together called which focuses on kindness in . Just one effort against Toxic Communities.

Thanks in advance for anything you can help out with:


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Can any give me a good argument against the following policy:


*Do not* make accusations against someone *unless* you are prepared to discuss the issue with a 3rd party (e.g. admins or someone experienced at negotiation, privately if necessary).

We cannot ethically act on accusations without some kind of accountability process, as this is otherwise indistinguishable from a smear campaign.

After one warning, we will consider repeated instances of this to be deliberate targeting.


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#palestine #nakba #apartheid #gaza 

IDF opens fire at peaceful march, kills 7 and wounds 500 so far

Is there a way to prevent my timeline from refreshing every time I click a link? I'm using Subway Tooter on Android

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Libcom: **Mass wildcat strike by Kentucky teachers**

"Teachers in Kentucky are on wildcat strike today with at least eight school districts closing schools due to lack of teaching staff. read more"

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RT BREAKING: President Erdogan threatened France after Macron acknowledged his support for Syrian Democratic Forces.

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removes from search autocomplete in anti-piracy effort - the article state "But, while Kodi is legal software, it remains a space that enables piracy, akin to platforms like BitTorrent."... Yes, like any general purpose computer. 🙄

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