A nice little collection of web/app designs for blockchain startups. While the focus is more on UI & brand, there’s a bigger question in terms of Design’s role:

How do we Design for Trust?

Questions beyond the article =
Are there…
...new UX patterns - multiple confirmation behaviours?
...new Design Principles - crystal clear Transparency?
...new Human-centred Strategies - empathising with the fear of the unknown?


Design3 looks to be the next phase of Design… but it doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our roots! 

In fact, we’re super keen that we build on the true foundations, principles and practices of established Design. Knowing and mastering these will help us all shape web3 differently and with substance; from the Bauhaus design school to d.school, to Design3. 
Design, always. 

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Hello world. 🙌
Design3 aspires to bring (the next evolution of) Design & Designers to Web3.
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