Setting up the Advanced Web Interface for Mastodon - Full use of wide screens 

Have now figured out a way to make my laptop settings for the mastodon Web Client really sharp – it is using the FULL screen width, but without the madness of the multi-pane, 3 pulsating Feeds running simultaneously which is kind of the Default when you enable it.

I have prepared a Tutorial, with step by step notes, screenshots to help people wanting a similar setup.

Setting up the Advanced Web Interface for Mastodon - Full use of wide screens 

Due to the amount of images, and the placement of them and the text, I used QOTO's Discourse Forum for the post.

Will be preparing a Blog post with same content later today. Hope you enjoy, the Forum post is Visible to Anyone, to reply there you need a free account registration.

Setting up the Advanced Web Interface for Mastodon - Full use of wide screens 

You can also see my Original Post with the content shown here, and reply there -- easier for me as it's my main instance and I am quite busy with various projects.

@Gargron thank you for Mastodon!

Could you look at the full width screen usage as show in the screen capture above? I can get that setup which is optimal in two instances, not in others. (there's a wasted column at right as shown in this screenshot bellow)

@design_RG This looks like glitch-soc fork of Mastodon with wider columns. Anyway, the idea is to add more columns, not to make everything wider.

@Gargron One of the screenshots was taken at, and he has done some work on the AWI settings, I get the full width screen use there and find it very nice. Can read more, have Local and Notifications (or another feed).

More narrow panes on screen will not improve usability, imo, I find the 3 feed displaying at once impossible to stand; too much for me.

Todon.NL allows the same arrangement as QOTO, and they run a Mastodon instance, not sure but likely modified AWI settings.

@design_RG If you don't like having multiple columns why use advanced web interface?


@Gargron I have a 1600 pixels wide screen - why let it go to waste?

With the layout shown in the first post in this thread, I think it's optimal use of a wide screen.

The option of adding more panes and having narrower ones is there if desired, just not for me.

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